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"Brian Muehlbach (University of Vienna)"

Nov 24, 2002 07:46 AM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

Dear Brian Muehlbach, 

You wrote:

"I consider it a pervert quereness of (mentally disturbed ?) Daniel 
C. Caldwell for accusing me, who has fathered two children of 
being 'female.' In fact my picture is on my website for eveybody to 
see. In fact I never in my live lived in 'Austria' as Danield C. 
Caldwell also claims on this list."

Brian, you say you have never "lived" in Austria, yet you signed two 
of your emails posted on "IndianCivilization" as follows:

Brian Muehlbach (University of Vienna)

Quoted from:

Brian Muehlbach (University of Vienna)

Quoted from:

It would appear that you are SOMEHOW RELATED to the University of 
Vienna (Austria). If not, why did you sign these two emails in that 

When you sign emails with "Brian Muehlbach (University of Vienna)", 
it must mean something, right?

More could be said on this, but I will move on.

Brian, there are ALSO other subscribers on this list under the 
impression that you are Brigitte Muehlegger.

For example, Bill Meredith wrote on Theos-Talk:

"I think most of us know that Brian and Brigitte are the same soul. 
The truth is that she acknowledged this several months ago on another 
list [WET]." 

Quoted from:

Brian, do you declare as FALSE Bill's statement that "she [Brigitte] 
acknowledged this [that Brian and Brigitte are the same soul] several 
months ago on another list [WesternEsotericTraditions]"?

Even Paul Johnson recently wrote that:

". . . it's apparent to everyone else that they [Brian & Brigitte] 
manage the same website, ergo..." Yes, "ergo" indeed.

Brigitte was the webmaster of the site that you are NOW the webmaster.

Furthermore, consider your email address listed on your web site:


The domain is apparently registered to Brigitte 
Muehlegger. See

If you look up the WHOIS record on that site you find the following 
info (I give only the first eleven lines of info):

Domain Name..........
Creation Date........ 2002-08-10
Registration Date.... 2002-08-10
Expiry Date.......... 2003-08-10
Organisation Name.... Brigitte Muehlegger
Organisation Address. Auhofstrasse 168/12
Organisation Address. 
Organisation Address. Vienna
Organisation Address. 1130
Organisation Address. A
Organisation Address. AUSTRIA

If you are not Brigitte, then it is fairly obvious [from a historical 
research perspective if not from a commonsense point of view] that 
you know and "work" with Brigitte in some capacity. Do you deny that 
you know Brigitte Muehlegger?

Also Brian, remember that even you wrote not too long ago:

"Fact is my name is Brian, but never mind on-line you can call me 
anything you want, John or Max, or Brenda or Fritz or Joanne, 

Therefore, if some of us choose to still call you Brigitte, then 
don't we have YOUR BLESSINGS to do just that because you 
wrote "...never mind on-line you can call me ANYTHING YOU WANT..."? 
caps added.

Enough said on this subject.


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