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To Bill and Eldon and Everyone with Love

Nov 23, 2002 06:13 PM
by wry

Bill said << Wry, why are you responding to Paul when it is Bridgitte that
has called you names and told you to leave? Paul and Bridgitte are not the
same person. Are you feeling o.k?>>

Wry says: Hi Bill, Eldon, and Everyone. Gee I'm sorry I have gotten sew
mixed-up recently. I am feeling sad right now for anyone of us, including
even possibly myself, who does not have a conscience that is developed to
its full potential, but aside from this, am feeling very fine, as I act for
the well being of MANY people, not just for myself, and, as previously
stated, I am a FRIEND of theosophy, as I think many people on here realize,
so I can sleep easy at night, knowing that a lot of love and maybe even
gratitude will be coming my way in the future, from people on this list,
rather than a lot of curses.

I am still waiting for Brian and/or Paul to explain the email below, which I
have not altered in any way and which was posted to this list (It is on the
archives). Maybe it is "Brian" who is pretending to be "Paul." Why is no one
asking for an explanation of this message? Also it is interesting that it
is o.k. for you to assume Brian to be Bridgitte, but not o.k. for me to make
an assumption after reading this email.

And no, Brian, I am not from a fundamentalist "christian" group, but I
follow the teachings of Christ, as well as those of Mahayana Buddhist, and I
do not endeavor to tell, but always to show (Rev.6.6). This is how I do unto
others, as this is how I would like others to do unto me. If there is not
EXCESSIVE CHARACTER PL;AYING going on on this list, that is good and
something we all can be grateful for. I will try to leave a message sometime
in the future about a kind of theatrical character playing that is accepted
and even expected to be a part and parcel of a certain spiritual tradition,
but the time is not right for this now. Sincerely, Wry

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From: "brianmuehlbach" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, November 22, 2002 12:20 AM
Subject: Re: Theos-World Adelaise on peace...

Adelasie: But it is also possible to use the mantle of historical
investigation to try to throw dust in everyone`s eyes,

Paul: I see here the pattern of leaping from "perceived implications"
to "imputed intentions" and it leads to demonization of others and
degradation of discourse. That is, "X`s historical investigations have the =

effect of making people feel as if dust has been thrown into their eyes,
therefore that was X`s intention."

Adelasie: to obscure the actual essential meaning of the thing so

Paul: In all sincerity I doubt that any historian, professional or amateur,=

has "ever" had any such intention. But I bet hundreds or thousands have
been so accused.

Adelasie: In the case of theosophy and HPB, opposition has tried to do
this since the beginning.

Paul: This is where things get very dicey. If you look at any new
historical inquiry as possibly a tool of "opposition that has tried to do t=
since the beginning," you`re (impersonal you) going to be paranoid in
your attitude toward historical scholarship. Particularly when you start
applying this suspicion to people who have absolutely no interest or
desire in harming anyone.

Adelasie: There is a force called the disintegrator which attempts to
keep these teachings and all ancient wisdom from being spread among

Paul: What is the source for this? Sounds like a Theosophical version of
the devil. And to interpret others as instruments of this evil force, tryin=
to prevent the spread of teachings, is no better than fundamentalist
Christians seeing scholars of early Christian history as instruments of the=

devil trying to undermine the gospel. On one hand, you seem to be
saying that you don`t want to be enemies with me or anyone else with
whom you disagree on HPB; then on the other you turn around and
implicitly accuse us all of Satanic inspiration. Can you really have it bot=

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