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Re: British Israelism and other "6e Race=US" type beliefs.

Nov 23, 2002 04:17 AM
by netemara888

Brian writes or posts: "Irrespective of whether this was interpreted 
in Identity terms as the prophesied global reign of the anti-Christ, 
or understood in more secular terms, the conclusion that white 
Americans were to be subjugated was clear. Federal violence, 
symbolized by the 1992 killing at Ruby Ridge and the burning flames 
of Waco in 1993 left no doubt in believers' minds about what should 
be expected."

Comment: I was watching a Christian broadcast and on it there was a 
Jewish author who had just published, had book published, in which he 
provides evidence, hard evidence, that Prince Charles of England is 
the anti-christ. He says that Charles can or does trace himself back 
to King David. And you say that there is a bridge between the Jews of 
England and the British that would almost make it sound like those 
Brits who were sent here on the Mayflower or the pilgrims were mostly 
Jews! And that would make of most Americans not only part Native 
American, which runs through most of the population in the Americas, 
but also part Jewish. 

I know Bailey said that Jews are basically found everywhere, but is 
that what you are implying here? As well as predicting the fall of 
the Aryan man? The US is the only country in the world that has not 
declared its majority's language as the official language i.e. 
English. Or have I missed that somewhere, has this ever been declared 
and put in writing that English is this country's official language. 
If not then Spanish could very well be declared the official language 
of America, and soon.

Finally Brian: If even 1/10th of what you posted has any basis in 
truth, then it would seem that race would have to be an invention of 
Satan, and not from God. Because it is here not to restore our faith 
in the human race, but to destroy it by being blinded by it. Did God 
intend us to be blinded by color? MLK said that we would become a 
color blind society and that men would be judged by the content of 
their character, and NOT the color of their skin. And that implies 
that one has to have some damn character in the first place before 
being judged. But being a Christian preacher he is still using words 
like judgement and character and the like. So, even in his high-road 
approach of what is to come he is still using words which indicate 
that someone has to EARN their way into being loved, accepted, 
wanted, and most of all SEEN. Not be the invisible man on the block.

Is MLK telling his own people they better straighten up or else? They 
as well as others need some character to call their own in order to 
be a part of the 'new order?' and in order to be acceptable and loved 
as well. I don't see it the way MLK sees it, and I don't really 
think 'God' sees it that way either. Energy is impersonal, what we do 
with it makes us in the eyes of men -- angels or devils--white or 
black, good or evil. These are the meanings we as a culture have 
attributed to white: good, angelic...etc. So where do you suggest we 
start Brian?

We are really all Latinos at heart. I know I am part Cuban.


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