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re theism, Robert, and . . .

Nov 22, 2002 08:50 PM
by Mauri

Robert wrote: <<But by delving deeply into the 
biographies, and particularly the autobiographies, of both 
Eastern and Western mystics, both theistic and atheistic, 
and bringing to that study a familiarity with both 
conventional and esoteric psychology and metaphysics, 
one can distinguish with a high degree of confidence 
between hallucinations and genuine experiences of 
transcendence. >>

Yes, "ditinguishing" between this and that is going on in 
various ways. While there may be much "real enough" 
sense/relevance, from various perspectives, in what you 
wrote in that post, Robert, (and in your apparent stance 
re theistics?) I'm wondering if there's a substantially less 
dual perspective (as per atma-buddhi, say?) from which such 
"sense making" and our dualistic world might seem, 
in comparison, as if they were the twitterings of birds 
(from our mainstream perspective?). . . Not that . . . And 
(apparently enough?) one's theistic stance, as well as 
one's speculative stance, (and stances in general?), are 
based on various edits and "not that's," so, in a sense: 
what else is new . . . 


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