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Images of the Supreme ---- Thought Forms???

Nov 22, 2002 07:21 PM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

In his book "THE COSMIC WOMB: An Interpretation of Man's 
Relationship to the Infinite," the metaphysican Arthur W. Osborn 

"Images of the Supreme, although taken for the Ultimate by some 
simple devotees, are more readily explicable as projections, either 
individual or communal, of doctrinal beliefs concerning Krishna, 
Christ, Kali or other personalized aspects of Deity. We 
say 'communal' projections because any religious symbol, which 
perhaps for centuries has become a focus for devotion, could assume 
concrete reality. Occultism provides some striking instances of the 
power of group thinking to create 'thought forms' of sufficient 
intensity to become 'objects' of perception. Centers of energy would 
seem to have been formed on some superphysical plane capable of 
exercising influence in physical affairs. . . ." p. 59

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