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Nov 22, 2002 11:49 AM
by wry

Hi Daniel. What if there is NO Brigitte Muehlegger OR Brian Muehlback OR Goswami Or his "daughter?" What if THEY ARE ALL FABRICATED CHARACTERS? As for who is the person who could be doing this, I will let you speculate on this subject when you are on vacation. You can start by looking at Bridgitte, who has told you something by giving you her so-called name. There seems to be a rich tradition of the theatrical in theosophy, but, in my personal opinion, the kind of behavior that is being demonstrated on this list is IMMORAL and it would be against my own conscience to behave in such a manner, as it involves duping innocent people for no good reason WHEN IT IS NOT EVEN NECESSARY, and it encourages fantasy and deceit when what is needed for genuine spiritual development is the formation of a spiritual community based on honesty and a common ground of physical reality. I know I said I thought it was funny when/if Madame Blavatsky did this, but maybe it would not be so funny to the people it was happening to at that time if they knew about it. I will have to rethink my position. To the person who is doing this, figure out a way to redeem yourself, if it is even possible. You are guilty of the very thing you accuse others of doing. There is a name for this, but I will not call you it on this list.

I have smelled a great big, stinking fish for some time, but maybe I, too, am a cheap cartoon character and this is all my imagination. Do not question me about this further, as I will not respond. I am not even a theosophist, and it is not my job to sort this out for you people, though I write this as your friend and a friend of theosophy. Wry

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