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Steve Stubbs: A Question about Brian's claim

Nov 22, 2002 07:21 AM
by Daniel H. Caldwell


Not too long ago, Brian Muehlbach pointed out that he has been in 
correspondence/communication with you for the last year or even 

Since Brian Muehlbach has only surfaced on the WWW during the last 4 
months, can you verify that Brian has actually been in touch with you 
for the last year or so?

Or was it actually Brigitte or Brigitte Muehlegger who has been in 
communication with you for the last year or so?

Your answer will help to confirm or disconfirm Bill Meredith's 
statement about Brigitte and Brian being the same "soul" or person.

This will help to clear up the confusion Brian has created on this 

For example, Eldon Tucker wrote not too long ago:

"My first thought when reading the post by Gowsami was that here
was another fictional character made up by Brigitte, so I did a
quick search of the Internet and see that there really is someone
with that name." 


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