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Re: Theos-World Does anybody want to die for oil?

Nov 21, 2002 05:31 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Steve Stubbs wrote:
> --- In theos-talk@y..., Bart Lidofsky <bartl@s...> wrote:
> > The popular votes were counted. Bush won.
> Bush did not win the popular vote but the eldctoral cote, and he only
> won that because 65,000 blacks in Florida were selectively
> disenfranchised. Regardless of who was right or wrong or how you
> feel about Bush personally, the process was not an edifying one.

I would like to see some evidence that 65,000 blacks in Florida were
selectively disenfranchised. There were claims, but when push came to
shove (and lawsuits were supposed to be filed), the claims suddenly

As far as the national popular vote, we do not know for sure who won.
The number of uncounted votes (uncounted because they would not have
made a difference in the electoral vote, mostly absentee ballots which
seemed to skew heavily pro-Bush) was more than twice difference in
popular votes between Bush and Gore. In addition, there were a lot of
districts where, if there had been an investigation, the Democrats would
have lost a lot of popular votes (for example, municipalities where Gore
received more votes than there were registered voters), but, once again,
because they would not have made a difference in the electoral vote,
were allowed to slide. 

> > There are accusations, but not evidence that the U.S. sold the bio
> > agents to Iraq.
> The accusations have been made by US government agencies.

But nothing has been proven. 

> > Is it wrong for the United States to protect itself against
> > blackmail?
> The existence of foreign countries means (1) there are people in the
> world who automatically hate you as a matter pf perceived patriotic
> duty, and (2) schemes are being funded for undermining your welfare.
> That is indeed a problem and has been since the beginning of the
> nation state or even the city state. That is most regrettable. Far
> be it from me to deny or minimize the problem. Nonetheless, I am not
> comfortable with a policy of perpetual warfare, especially when
> personal self enrichment and not national interest is very likely the
> underlying motive. They are already preparing us for another war in
> Iran if the war in Iraq goes well, and then it appears South America
> will be next. Only oil producing regions are on the hit list. Where
> will it end?

You are the first person I have heard mention anything about South
America being even on the horizon. I'd appreciate a source on this one
(and am reasonably sure you have at least one); if it's reliable, it
would go a long way towards pulling me more towards your side on this.


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