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Nov 21, 2002 11:34 AM
by dalval14

Nov 21 2002


Dear Friends:

In regard to the letters from the Mahatmas. (Barker or Philippines

Are they concocted? If so why? Some attribute them to H P B. And
what would be the need for any "concoctions?" Are the contents
inconsistent with the universal philosophy of all life, as a
continuous affair ?

Have you considered their contents and compared them with other
recorded theosophical principles and doctrines?

Have you ever considered the tremendous amount of work H P B did in
the 16 year spread of the work-time she devoted to the THEOSOPHICAL
SOCIETY and to Theosophy between 1875 and 1891 -- and this includes
travel time and illnesses. I think it is important to realize how much
was done by a single individual in so short a time. Is even a
fraction of such possible to us, or to a very learned scholar ?

>From ISIS UNVEILED to her last article MY BOOKS there is a chain of
coherency and of directness that few can show in their writings. The
philosophy of Theosophy is consistent from one end to the other with
the ancient philosophies of India, China, Egypt, Greece, Chaldea,
Tibet, etc... Their universality alone ought to attract notice.

We should also note that one can take any item of original
Theosophical literature, compare and consider it with the rest and
with the MAHATMA LETTERS, think about them, meditate about them, and
see how the information they convey fits into your understanding of
Theosophy as a philosophy, and in to the over-all philosophical world.

It is very important for all of us to secure a good understanding of
what Theosophy teaches. This gives us a basis for considering other
concepts, if we desire to use Theosophy as a kind of "touchstone."

There is the matter of the claim that Theosophy is a condensed
expression of the ancient history of the Universe, our Earth, and
human development.

ISIS UNVEILED and The SECRET DOCTRINE provide us with this history,
and of course this is supplemented by her articles -- there has been
published a 15 volume series of these titled Blavatsky THE COLLECTED
WORKS. [ These contribute her writings to THEOSOPHIST, PATH and
LUCIFER and to a number of other journals like LE LOTUS BLEU and LA

This is important as modern hypotheses differ substantially from the
Theosophical -- essentially because the moderns who evolve those
theories have only physical evidence to use.

[Another series has been proposed: the collection into a couple of
volumes of H P B's many letters -- to friends, family, and to
students and officials .]

There is another value to those MAHATMA LETTERS : the personal
development of individuals close to the center of the Movement As
they show us some of the underlying conditions and personal situations
that were current in the THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT during the period from
1880 to 1886.

We are further led to see the operation of the occult and Karmic
forces on those who come close to the dynamic center of the Movement.
Consider that those individuals had the inestimable "good" Karma to
come into very close contact with the dynamic center of the effort to
reanimate a knowledge of the past which had almost become extinct --
and to spread it to a far wider audience than before. What did they

And then after thinking about that, let us consider our own
opportunity, and the efforts that might be expected of those students
who come into contact with Theosophy and have a natural interest in

What are they (we) doing to help -- but more largely, for all of us
who follow those original students, how can we help the future of
those who might contact Theosophy due to our efforts. Let us add,
that there is no question but we will reincarnate, and then we will
meet the results of whatever effort we have put into maintaining the
continuity of these doctrines in this our present incarnation.

We represent the 2nd, 3rd, and now the 4th generation of students
since the time of H P B. What is our responsibility? Apart from our
growing wiser, is it not to see that as many as possible hear of
Theosophy. Are we helping in this ?

The MAHATMA LETTERS serve a still further purpose: They offer as
examples -- the opportunities that were offered in those early years,
and how personal choices were made by various individuals according to
their natures. We ought to note that those choices still affect us
today. In this there is a lesson to consider carefully. Do some of
the events and reactions parallel how we feel?

Best wishes,



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From: St Le
Sent: Wednesday, November 20, 2002 7:02 PM

Hello Group-

I have never been sure of the purpose for which the Mahatma letters
have been written and publishing them seems to have only clouded so
many individuals relationship to Theosophy.

To me they stand in the way of taking to heart the duty of the Heart

The Mahatmas will always be, as the higher self of each, never
approachable through letters or through others. Jesus said that all
must go through him to the father. As long as we take that statement
as concretely as the church would have it we shall be empowering
others and their words but never getting any closer to that in each of
us or the Mahatmas.

The Christos in man (each man) must be that which we endeavor to
activate, realize, empower (how ever one will say or think it) before
that or them are in our lives. And if, through discussing anything
about the Mahatmas( Letters, or what ever) we are not attempting to
realize the meaning of the truths they put before us through whatever
means, then what are we doing?


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