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RE: Let's Check the Mahatma Letters: Step 1

Nov 21, 2002 01:30 AM
by Wes Amerman


You write:

<The FOXP2 gene cannot be dated precisely because it is universal. But
other language genes yet to be found might be more helpful in
deciding when language was acquired. "This is the only test of my
theory, in the genome," Dr. Klein said. >

<So, next to you the 170 members on this list, what can one firther [sic]
say as a confirmation or non-confirmation Mahatma Letter content
versus results of today's genetic research ?>

With what statement from the Mahatma Letters are you comparing the opinion
of a modern geneticist, whose theory you yourself state awaits better
evidence that "might be more helpful?" What does this have to do with the
Mahatma Letters? Absolutely nothing. If this is "step 1," I won't bother
to read the rest of them. You've already "drifted" into the realm of
complete non sequiturs.

Best Regards,

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