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Re: Theos-World approaches to the subject of Theosophy

Nov 20, 2002 10:31 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Hi John and all of you,

Interesting this "rgyud sde"...

Maybe the following views, - links and text could help someone:
Maybe Dan Clore at has more on
that issue ?

(Kala Chakra tantra) :

Kala Chakra - and "exoteric" ceremonials: >:-)

A little extra:
Here are some interesting articles etc... (included Sir Edwin Arnolds : Light of
Asia). (for instance texts on Vipassana
meditation). (Buddhist tales for young and old...)

M. Sufilight with...well God knows what...

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> Eldon,
> Reading Mr. Taylor's excerpt you posted coaxed me to Google search
> Kui-te
> as a transliterative of Dyzan, one itme was or so it seemed to be that
> "Kui-te"
> transliterates into the Tibetan as "rgyud-sde". Also in other reference
> the list to
> "Senzar"references are found alluding to the "Twilight Language", this
> interested me
> as when "Twilight" is mentioned I always seem to remember the "Dawn
> of the
> Sannyasin's. In inquiry about the "Twilight Language" the search pops
> the tradition
> of "Sandhya Bhasha" and reference to the allegorical Play Prabodha
> Chandrodaya
> by Krishna Misra and the Art of Khajuraho.
> Now when searching for "rgyud-sde" what I found was the "TBRC-The
> Buddhist Resource Center.
> On the Home page top right is a search entry box where you can enter
> "rgyud sde"
> (transliteration of Kui-te (Dyzan))
> the Database responds with 122 file listings having the key word term
> titles.
> Also one Monastery, last on the listing,bottum of list.
> John
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