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RE: Maya and illusion

Nov 19, 2002 03:38 AM
by dalval14

Nov 20 2002

Dear Friends and M... Y...

re Maya and Illusions and Delusions.

No. Maya to me, and as I understand Theosophy, means "illusion" and
implies :

1. That there is one who can see the difference between a fancy and a

2. That this one who "sees" can know himself, as separate from

When I wrote: "Try living an instant without thought and the mind" ==
I was very literal.

I suggested an actual exercise.

If you want to, try this: close your eyes and focus your internal
mental vision on a memory or something you select to investigate. Do
not allow any distractions.

Now, who are YOU who tell YOUR MIND TO DO THIS?

How are distractions prevented?

Is not the Mind a tool at that time ?

Try to do it. You cannot and neither can I. hence the THINKER is the
one who knows te difference between REALITY and the many illusions --
or if you prefer, opinionated and delusionary thought pictures.

Best wishes,



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Subject: Re: Maya and Illusions

Dear Dallas,
Does "living an instant without thought and the mind" is in definition
This is what you mentioned about maya in Theos-talk that keeps me


MAYA it may be, as a general description, but what I am after

1. What is the nature of this Maya ? (illusion and delusion)

2. Why am I presently involved in it?

3. What is the best way out? [ Does this mean SELF only, or
include others? ]

4. How is it that others share this with me? Karma of a group ?
Why? How?

5. Have I any duties or responsibilities to them, for this common
and shared state?

6. If so, what are they? What aspect of further life is let to
me to change?

7. If we are all fundamentally SPIRITUAL ENTITIES (I say:
"Monads in evolution"), then why is the PERFECT so
intimately associated with the IMPERFECT
(Mayavic) at all points? What have I/we to learn from this?

Could you please mention more about duality of mind?

Best regards


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>Nov. 18 2002
>I would like to say: Try living an instant without thought and the
>If one truly examines it, one soon finds its ramifications extend
>How then can it be omitted, avoided, or minimized ?
>Playing with words of description does not answer the direct question
>of its necessity.

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