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Nov 18, 2002 05:18 PM
by dalval14

Nov 18 2002

Dear Friends:

This is interesting, and to help, a little study seems indicated to
familiarize ones' self with Theosophical concepts and vocabulary.

It might be a good idea to read The SECRET DOCTRINE in this regard or
at least look at the table of contents of the 1st Volume, and
selectively read the passages and pages where this is covered.

However in the OCEAN OF THEOSOPHY we are given a synopsis, read
chapters 3, 4, and 14.


1 The Earth Chain
Coming now to our Earth the view put forward by Theosophy regarding
its genesis, its evolution and the evolution of the Human, Animal and
other Monads, is quite different from modern ideas, and in some things
contrary to accepted theories. But the theories of today are not
stable. They change with each century, while the Theosophical one
never alters because, in the opinion of those Elder Brothers who have
caused its repromulgation and pointed to its confirmation in ancient
books, it is but a statement of facts in nature. The modern theory is,
on the contrary, always speculative, changeable, and continually
Following the general plan outlined in preceding pages, the Earth is
sevenfold. It is an entity and not a mere lump of gross matter. And
being thus an entity of a septenary nature there must be six other
globes which roll with it in space. This company of seven globes has
been called the "Earth Chain," the "Planetary Chain." In Esoteric
Buddhism this is clearly stated, but there a rather hard and fast
materialistic view of it is given and the reader led to believe that
the doctrine speaks of seven distinct globes, all separated from
though connected with each other. One is forced to conclude that the
author meant to say that the globe Earth is as distinct from the other
six as Venus is from Mars.
This is not the doctrine. The earth is one of seven globes, in respect
to man's consciousness only, because when he functions on one of the
seven he perceives it as a distinct globe and does not see the other
six. This is in perfect correspondence with man himself who has six
other constituents of which only the gross body is visible to him
because he is now functioning on the Earth -- or the fourth globe --
and his body represents the Earth.

The whole seven "globes" constitute one single mass or great globe and
they all interpenetrate each other. But we have to say "globe,"
because the ultimate shape is globular or spherical. If one relies too
closely on the explanation made by Mr. Sinnett it might be supposed
that the globes did not interpenetrate each other but were connected
by currents or lines of magnetic force. And if too close attention is
paid to the diagrams used in the Secret Doctrine to illustrate the
scheme, without paying due regard to the explanations and cautions
given by H. P. Blavatsky, the same error may be made.

But both she and her Adept teachers say, that the seven globes of our
chain are in "coadunition with each other but not in
consubstantiality." (Secret Doctrine, Vol. I, p. 166, first edition.)
This is further enforced by cautions not to rely on statistics or
plane surface diagrams, but to look at the metaphysical and spiritual
aspect of the theory as stated in English. Thus from the very source
of Mr. Sinnett's book we have the statement, that these globes are
united in one mass though differing from each other in substance, and
that this difference of substance is due to change of center of
The Earth Chain of seven globes as thus defined is the direct
reincarnation of a former chain of seven globes, and that former
family of seven was the moon chain, the moon itself being the visible
representative of the fourth globe of the old chain. When that former
vast entity composed of the Moon and six others, all united in one
mass, reached its limit of life it died just as any being dies. Each
one of the seven sent its energies into space and gave similar life or
vibration to cosmic dust -- matter, -- and the total cohesive force of
the whole kept the seven energies together.

This resulted in the evolving of the present Earth Chain of seven
centers of energy or evolution combined in one mass. As the Moon was
the fourth of the old series it is on the same plane of perception as
the Earth, and as we are now confined in our consciousness largely to
Earth we are able only to see one of the old seven -- to wit: our
Moon. When we are functioning on any of the other seven we will
perceive in our sky the corresponding old corpse which will then be a
Moon, and we will not see the present Moon. Venus, Mars, Mercury and
other visible planets are all fourth-plane globes of distinct
planetary masses and for that reason are visible to us, their
companion six centers of energy and consciousness being invisible. All
diagrams on plane surfaces will only becloud the theory because a
diagram necessitates linear divisions.
The stream or mass of Egos which evolves on the seven globes of our
chain is limited in number, yet the actual quantity is enormous. For
though the universe is limitless and infinite, yet in any particular
portion of Cosmos in which manifestation and evolution have begun
there is a limit to the extent of manifestation and to the number of
Egos engaged therein. And the whole number of Monads now going through
evolution on our Earth Chain came over from the old seven planets or
globes which I have described.

ESOTERIC BUDDHISM calls this mass of Egos a "life wave," meaning the
stream of Monads. It reached this planetary mass, represented to our
consciousness by the central point our Earth, and began on Globe A or
No. I, coming like an army or river. The first portion began on Globe
A and went through a long evolution there in bodies suited to such a
state of matter, and then passed on to B, and so on through the whole
seven greater states of consciousness which have been called globes.
When the first portion left A others streamed in and pursued the same
course, the whole army proceeding with regularity round the septenary
This journey went on for four circlings round the whole, and then the
whole stream or army of Egos from the old Moon Chain had arrived, and
being complete, no more entered after the middle of the Fourth Round.
The same circling process of these differently arrived classes goes on
for seven complete Rounds of the whole seven planetary centers of
consciousness, and when the seven are ended as much perfection as is
possible in the immense period occupied will have been attained, and
then this chain or mass of "globes" will die in its turn to give birth
to still another series.
Each one of the globes is used by evolutionary law for the development
of seven races, and of senses, faculties and powers appropriate to
that state of matter: the experience of the whole seven globes being
needed to make a perfect development. Hence we have the Rounds and
Races. The Round is a circling of the seven centers of planetary
consciousness; the Race the racial development on one of those seven.
There are seven races for each globe, but the total of forty-nine
races only makes up seven great races, the special septenate of races
on each globe or planetary center composing in reality one race of
seven constituents or special peculiarities of function and power.
And as no complete race could be evolved in a moment on any globe, the
slow, orderly processes of nature, which allow no jumps, must proceed
by appropriate means. Hence sub-races have to be evolved one after the
other before the perfect root race is formed, and then the root race
sends off its offshoots while it is declining and preparing for the
advent of the next great race.
As illustrating this, it is distinctly taught that on the Americas is
to be evolved the new -- sixth -- race; and here all the races of the
earth are now engaged in a great amalgamation from which will result a
very highly developed sub-race, after which others will be evolved by
similar processes until the new one is completed.
Between the end of any great race and the beginning of another there
is a period of rest, so far as the globe is concerned, for then the
stream of human Egos leaves it for another one of the chain in order
to go on with further evolution of powers and faculties there. But
when the last, the seventh, race has appeared and fully perfected
itself, a great dissolution comes on, similar to that which I briefly
described as preceding the birth of the earth's chain, and then the
world disappears as a tangible thing, and so far as the human ear is
concerned there is silence. This, it is said, is the root of the
belief so general that the world will come to an end, that there will
be a judgment-day, or that there have been universal floods or fires.
Taking up evolution on the Earth, it is stated that the stream of
Monads begins first to work up the mass of matter in what are called
elemental conditions when all is gaseous or fiery. For the ancient and
true theory is that no evolution is possible without the Monad as
vivifying agent. In this first stage there is no animal or vegetable.
Next comes the mineral when the whole mass hardens, the Monads being
all imprisoned within.

Then the first Monads emerge into vegetable forms which they construct
themselves, and no animals yet appear. Next the first class of Monads
emerges from the vegetable and produces the animal, then the human
astral and shadowy model, and we have minerals, vegetables, animals
and future men, for the second and later classes are still evolving in
the lower kingdoms.

When the middle of the Fourth Round is reached no more Monads emerge
into the human stage and will not until a new planetary mass,
reincarnated from ours, is made. This is the whole process roughly
given, but with many details left out, for in one of the rounds man
appears before the animals. But this detail need lead to no confusion.
And to state it in another way. The plan comes first in the universal
mind, after which the astral model or basis is made, and when that
astral model is completed, the whole process is gone over so as to
condense the matter, up to the middle of the Fourth Round. Subsequent
to that, which is our future, the whole mass is spiritualized with
full consciousness and the entire body of globes raised up to a higher
plane of development. In the process of condensing above referred to
there is an alteration in respect to the time of the appearance of man
on the planet. But as to these details the teachers have only said,
"that at the Second Round the plan varies, but the variation will not
be given to this generation." Hence it is impossible for me to give
it. But there is no vagueness on the point that seven great races have
to evolve here on this planet, and that the entire collection of races
has to go seven times round the whole series of seven globes.
Human beings did not appear here in two sexes first. The first were of
no sex, then they altered into hermaphrodite, and lastly separated
into male and female. And this separation into male and female for
human beings was over 18,000,000 years ago. For that reason is it
said, in these ancient schools, that our humanity is 18,000,000 years
old and a little over.



IN February PATH the subject of the coadunition but
non-consubstantiality of the seven globes of the Earth-chain was
opened up slightly and discussed in view of certain expressions from
the Adepts themselves on the same matter. [PARA]Since then questions
and doubts have arisen, as it seems that-as was suspected-the
fundamental principles underlying this doctrine have not been clearly
defined in the minds of all. And, indeed, before such clear definition
is arrived at most if not all of the naturalistic and materialistic
doctrines and modes of thought of the day will have to be abandoned.
[PARA]The true theory of the companion globes of our earth is one
which cannot be fully comprehended if we are influenced, as many are,
by the education which for centuries has been imposed upon us.
[PARA]When the adepts say that these doctrines must be examined from a
metaphysical standpoint, the nineteenth century person thinks that
therefore it must be so vague and unreal as not to constitute an
inclusion of facts, since "facts" are hard and visible things, so to
say.[PARA]The first question, coming from one who grasps to a great
extent the theory broached in the paragraph from the Master's pen
quoted in Secret Doctrine, is whether we will be able to see but one
globe at a time as we change our centre of consciousness? That is to
say, seeing that we now can perceive the earth with the eye and none
of the other companions, does it follow from this that, when the race
ceases to function on the earth and has taken up evolution on the next
globe in order, we shall see then but that globe and none of the
others of the chain among which will then be included this earth?
[PARA]It by no means follows that we then shall be able to see but
one, but to what extent our then vision will be stretched or how many
other globes we shall be able to see has not been given out publicly
by the Masters, and it is held that alone in the keeping of the Lodge
is the knowledge on this detail of the doctrine. We are left therefore
to our own deductions, to be drawn from known facts. No very
substantial benefit could be derived from exact knowledge about it, as
it relates to matters and states of life removed from us inconceivably
far both as to time and consciousness. Nor would a full explanation be
comprehended. [PARA]One of the teachers has written:[PARA]You do not
seem to realize the tremendous difficulties in the way of imparting
even the rudiments of our science to those who have been trained in
the familiar methods of (modern science). You do not see that the more
you have of the one the less capable you are to instinctively
comprehend the other, for a man can only think in his worn grooves,
and unless he has the courage to fill up these and make new ones for
himself [italics are mine] he must perforce travel on the old lines.
.[PARA][NL]Such is, unfortunately. the inherited and self-acquired
grossness of the Western mind, and so greatly have the very phrases
expressive of modern thought been developed in the line of practical
Materialism, that it is now next to impossible either for them to
comprehend or for us to express in their own languages anything of
that delicate, seemingly ideal, machinery of the occult cosmos. To
some little extent that faculty can be acquired by the Europeans
through study and meditation, but-that's all. And here is the bar
which has hitherto prevented a conviction of the Theosophical truths
from gaining currency among Western nations-caused Theosophical study
to be cast aside as useless and fantastic.[PARA]As implied in the
foregoing, the reason for not telling all about it is that it would
not be comprehended, and not that the Lodge desires to keep it back
from the world. The same difficulty has often been encountered by
ordinary clairvoyants who have tried to give an account of the little
they know of the "occult cosmos" to hearers whose modes of thought
were purely materialistic or tainted by that kind of education.
[PARA]And I have met estimable theosophists who said to me that if
they really were convinced that I believed certain things which I
hinted to them they would be forced in sadness to conclude I was a
most superstitious person meaning of course that their ignorance and
inability would constitute my superstition.[PARA]But as we now reside
in a physical body perfectly visible to us, and as the astral body is
sometimes seen by certain persons, it follows most surely that some
persons can now see another body or form of matter while functioning
in their little earth. [PARA]The fact that all do not see the astral
body only proves that as yet the seeing of it is not normal for the
whole human race. And looking at the other side of the matter, we know
that sometimes persons escaped temporarily from the physical body and
functioning wholly in the astral have been able to see the physical
one as it slept in trance. [PARA]From this we may conclude that when
the race has gone to some other centre of consciousness called a
globe, it may possibly be able to see another of the companions in the
sky. This is made more probable from the fact that the Earth is the
lowest or at the turning of the circle, and for that reason it is on
its own plane and not in company as to plane with any other one. The
others might be two at a time on the one plane and then visible to
each other.[PARA]The next point raised is that if the article of
February is accepted, then it results that we consider the companion
globes to be only "phases of the Earth." The letter from the Master
above quoted is pertinent here, for this objection arises solely and
wholly from a materialistic education leading the objector to give the
first place of importance to the earth, just as if it were not
possible to say that earth is a phase of the other globes.[PARA]The
globes are not in any sense phases of each other, but are "phases of
consciousness." The consciousness alters and we function in another
state of matter, in the same place, but not able to see the state of
matter we have left. And as now the whole race is bound up by its
total form and quality of consciousness, the units of it are compelled
to remain in the general state of consciousness until the race
progress permits an advance or change to another. [PARA]In the
evolution of the race it develops new senses and instruments for
perception, but these proceed along with the changing centre of
consciousness, and are not the causes for the latter but are effects
due to the operation and force of that inner power of perceiving which
at last compels nature to furnish the necessary instrument. When the
new instruments are all perfected, then the whole race moves on to
another plane altogether.[PARA]All this supports and enforces the
doctrine of universal brotherhood upon which the Adepts have insisted.
For the changing of consciousness as to centre is not for the benefit
of the individual, but is permissible and possible when the whole mass
of matter of the globe whereon the beings are evolving has been
perfected by the efforts and work of the most advanced of the whole
number, and that advanced class is man. [PARA]If it were otherwise,
then we should see millions upon millions of selfish souls deserting
the planet as soon as they had acquired the necessary new senses,
leaving their fellows and the various kingdoms of nature to shift for
themselves. But the law and the Lodge will not permit this, but insist
that we shall remain until the lower masses of atoms have been far
enough educated to be able to go on in a manner not productive of
confusion. Here again we trench upon the materialism of the age, which
will roar with laughter at the idea of its being possible to educate
the atoms.[PARA]The doctrine of the interpenetration of the planes of
matter lies at the root of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and all such
phenomena. Clairvoyance would be an impossibility were it not the fact
that what for the ordinary sense is solid and an obstacle to sight is
in reality for the other set of senses non-existent, free from
solidity, and no obstacle. Otherwise clear seeing is impossible, and
the learned doctors are right who say we are all deluded and never did
any one see through a solid wall. [PARA]For while the faculty of
imagination is necessary for the training of the power to see through
a solid wall, we could not so perceive merely by imagination, since
objects must have a medium through which they are to be seen. This
again strikes against materialistic conceptions, for the "objective"
usually means that which can be seen and felt. But in the machinery of
the "occult cosmos" the objective is constantly changing to the
subjective and vice versa, as the centre of consciousness changes.
[PARA][PARA]In the trance or clairvoyant state the subjective of the
waking man has become the objective. So also in dreams. There, clothed
with another body of finer texture, the perceiver finds all the
experiences objective as to their circumstances and subjective as to
the feelings they produce on the perceiver who registers the
sensations. And in precisely similar manner will the race see, feel,
and know when it has changed all and begins to function on another
globe.[PARA]WILLIAM BREHON[PARA][NL]Path, February and March.



The Editor has handed me a communication from a reader upon this
subject which I insert here, as it on the one hand shows a very common
defect of students-inaccuracy of reading, thought, and reference, and
on the other will serve as a question which arises in other minds. It
reads:[PARA]Please state in reference to the Earth Chain of Globes
whether it is meant to be conveyed on page 159 of S. D. Vol. I that
the "seven globes from the 1st to the 7th proceed in seven Rounds,"
that each globe revolves seven times around the World Chain with its
own particular development [say the Mineral Kingdom], before the next
in order [say the Vegetable Kingdom] appears on Globe A? Or does the
Mineral Kingdom only go once around the World Chain from I to 7? In
Esoteric Buddhism, page 91, it is stated that the several kingdoms
pass "several times around the whole circle as minerals, and then
again several times as vegetables," but there is no distinct statement
of this in S.D.-[PARA]Yours, IGNOTUS.[PARA]Inaccuracies like those in
the foregoing are not uncommon. They are constant and all-pervading.
It is probably the fault of modern education, accentuated by the
reading of a vast amount of superficial literature such as is poured
out day by day. Any close observer can detect the want of attention
displayed in metaphysical studies in contrast with the particular care
given to matters of business and practical affairs of life. All those
who are studying Theosophy ought to make themselves aware of this
national defect, and therefore give the strictest attention to what
they read upon metaphysics and devote less attention to the amount of
such reading than to thinking upon what is read.[PARA]In the first
place, the Secret Doctrine does not say on the page quoted, nor
anywhere else, what "Ignotus" writes. Instead of reading as quoted,
the passage is:[PARA]I. Everything in the metaphysical as in the
physical Universe is septenary. [p. 158] . . . The evolution of life
proceeds on these seven globes or bodies from the first to the seventh
in Seven Rounds or Seven Cycles [p. 159].[PARA]I insert in italics the
omitted words, the word proceeds having been put out of its place by
"Ignotus." The error makes a completely new scheme, one
unphilosophical and certainly not given out by the Masters. But though
some may wonder why I notice such a false assumption, it is right to
take it up because it must have arisen through carelessness, yet of
such a sort as might perpetuate an important error. It follows from
the restoration of the passage that the Globes do not "revolve around
the world chain." [PARA]The supposition of the correspondent is not
peculiar among the many hurried ones made by superficial readers. He
first assumed that the various globes of the Earth-Chain revolved, in
some way which he did not stop to formulate, in seven rounds-I presume
in some imaginary orbit of their own-in what he called the "world
chain," and then he went on adapting the rest of the evolutionary
theory to this primary assumption. [PARA]By reading the Secret
Doctrine and the former articles on this subject in the PATH, the
point in question will be made clear. Evolution of the monad, which
produces and underlies all other evolutions, proceeds on the seven
planetary bodies of any chain of evolution. [PARA]These seven places
or spheres for such evolution represent different states of
consciousness, and hence, as written in the Secret Doctrine and
attempted to be shown in these articles, they may and do
interpenetrate each other with beings on each. Therefore all such
words as "round," "around," "chain," and the like must be examined
metaphysically and not be allowed to give the mind a false notion such
as is sure to arise if they are construed in the material way and from
their materialistic derivation. "To go around" the seven globes does
not mean that one passes necessarily from one place to another, but
indicates a change from one condition to another, just as we might say
that a man "went the whole round of sensations."[PARA]As to the other
questions raised, ESOTERIC BUDDHISM is right in saying that the monads
pass several times around the globes as minerals and vegetables, but
wisely does not make the number and order very definite. [PARA]In the
Secret Doctrine one of the Masters writes that at the second round the
order of the appearance of the human kingdom alters, but the letter
goes no farther on that point except to say, as is very definitely put
in the Secret Doctrine on p. 159, para. 4;[PARA]The Life Cycle . . .
arrived on our Earth at the commencement of the Fourth in the present
series of life-cycles and races. Man is the first form that appears
thereon, being preceded only by the mineral and vegetable
kingdoms-even the latter having to develop and continue its further
evolution through man.[PARA]This states quite distinctly (a) that
after the second round the order alters, and (b) that in the fourth
round, instead of animals appearing as the first moving forms for the
monads to inhabit, the human form comes first, preceded by mineral and
vegetable, and followed by the brute-animal.[PARA]This change always
comes on at any fourth round, or else we never could have evolutionary
perfection. [PARA]Other monads come originally from other spheres of
evolution. In a new one such as this the preliminary process and order
of mineral, plant, animal, human must be followed. But having in two
or three rounds perfected itself in the task, the monad brings out
'the human form at the turning point, so that man as the model, means,
guide, and savior may be able to intelligently raise up not only
humanity but as well every other kingdom below the human. [PARA]This
is all made very clear and positive by repeated statement and
explanation in the Secret Doctrine, and it is a matter for surprise
that so many Theosophists do not understand it.[PARA]For fear that the
present may be misunderstood I will add. Although the order of
appearance of the human form alters as stated, this does not mean that
the whole number of natural kingdoms does not make the sevenfold
pilgrimage. They all make it, and in every round up to and including
the seventh there are present in the chain of globes elemental,
mineral, vegetable, animal, and human forms constituting those
kingdoms, but of course the minerals and vegetables of the seventh
round and race will be a very different sort from those of the
present.[NL][NL]But as what a Master has said hereon is far better
than my weak words, I will refer to that. Thus:[PARA]Nature
consciously prefers that matter should be indestructible under organic
rather than inorganic forms, and works slowly but incessantly towards
the realization of this object-the evolution of conscious life out of
inert material.[PARA]WILLIAM BREHON[PARA][NL]Path, April,
RACE[PARA][NL](i) How many years are there in Kali Yuga? (2) Will the
sixth sub-race begin very soon, that is, will it be at the end of the
cycle of the first five thousand years of Kali Yuga? (3) Cannot a
person of the fifth race come near where the sixth race shall
live?[PARA](ii) Kali Yuga is said by the Brahmins and by the Secret
Doctrine to be 432,000 years long. We will have to accept the
calculation for the present.[PARA](2) Many thousands of years will
pass before the next race will be here, and you will have died several
times over before that, and also it is probable you will be one of
that race unless you go to some other planet. You have made the error
of sup-posing that the end of the cycle in 1898 is the end of the
race. It is not. It is but a minor cycle, though quite important in
its way. Hence-[PARA](3) As we, including you, will be members of the
new race in all probability if we take advantage of our opportunities,
there is no profit in the question or its answer, for the sixth race
not being due for so many centuries, and you being eligible for
membership in it, there is no sequence. When the sixth race has fully
come, many degenerate examples of the bodies of the fifth will be here
with it and among it, but no special place will be kept for its
development.[PARA][NL]Path, January, 1895[PARA][PARA][PARA]


I hope these explanations will be helpful, Dallas

Best wishes,



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Although this might not clear up any "figgering" that one might do
globes, rounds and races and yugas, mahayugas and so forth ,that which
given below {snippets) , seems to me, although taken from
Theosophy's constant re-iteration of karma and cycles and it's actual
for us as human beings.
And with this comes a question. Do we all think that a total
resolution of
globes, rounds and so forth will or would come forth, in our minds, in
form of a mandala of some sort? (Do a google search for the word


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