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Re: Theos-World Re: So was this materialization/precipitation "a big CON" too?

Nov 17, 2002 10:26 PM
by leonmaurer

You just don't get it, do you? I said "turn a staff into a snake" (a trick I 
learned from Moses ;-) not the other way around. Don't you think all the 
Egyptian magicians whom the original Moses fooled, didn't know that easy 
trick of turning a snake into a stick? That's about as easy as the Indian 
rope trick. 

But then, you always manage to turn everything around to suit your own 
agenda, don't you? Can't I have any fun with serious, although misguided 
iconoclasts, who think everything anyone who disagrees with them says, is a 
personal attack that has to be reflected back by using ad homonym innuendoes 
that are just a projection of their own character traits? :-( If that shoe 
doesn't fit, why else would you be so interested in tearing down, using such 
methods, the fundamentally benevolent teaching as theosophy -- whose major 
goals are to bring ALL of humanity together in a universal brotherhood and 
help better the conditions of their lives through a clearer understanding of 
who they really are, what they all came from, and where they are going? From 
a compassionate theosophical point of view, then, I have to ask you; How has 
theosophy hurt you that makes you so eager to destroy it?

I'm also getting a bit tired of all your bellyaching about Blavatsky and her 
"magic tricks." What counts, as far as her disciples and students, or any 
"real" Thinkers are concerned, is what she said and taught, not what she did. 
Maybe if you studied what you argue against, instead of plugging away at 
digging up all the personal garbage, you might learn something useful. 

And, even if the Mahatma letters' delivery were faked (which, admittedly, I 
might do under the same conditions faced by HPB ;-) -- what would it matter? 

In spite of BAG's equally unfounded (regardless of his "credentials") 
opinions about theosophy -- based not only on a complete misunderstanding of 
its teachings, but also on his religious biases that parallel the 
disagreement between Dayananda Sarasvati (of the Arya Samaj) and theosophy, 
which denied many of their ideas about reincarnation and karma and other 
false theological dogmas -- there are no such errors or false ideas in the 
Mahatmas' or HPB's fundamental teachings. 

Consequently, in no way do they contradict the real "Secret Doctrine" that is 
clearly stated in the original Senzar Book of Dzyan -- out of which the 
mistranslations and distortions were penned into these later exoteric Hindu 
"sacred scriptural" Sanskrit and Pali rewrites to suit their "priestcrafty" 

Incidentally, I have had the same arguments with the present Guru-Ji of that 
Arya Samaj sect, and while we still don't agree with his belief in 
reincarnation into animals, and other things that don't fit in with a 
scientifically and theosophically consistent and logical metaphysics, we do 
agree on most other theosophical ideas. Also, we are great friends and don't 
try to tear down each others' teachings by using your type of propaganda 
tricks of discreditation by digging up all the personal foibles of its 
teachers or messengers. I could forgive BAG because his disagreement comes 
out of a basic religious misconception, and he argues on that basis only. But 
for you, there is no excuse, since your arguments are based on other prople's 
opinions and "authority," and you attack the teachers, personally, rather 
than argue against the teachings with a logical alternative philosophy or 
"theory of everything" that leaves no loose ends. 

Actually, since I'm pretty sure you haven't read everything HPB ever wrote on 
the subject (if anything) -- but in one of her articles, HPB denied that 
there was anything "magical" or "supernatural" in psychic phenomena. She 
also said that everything she did along those lines was based on lawful 
scientific possibilities in a multidimensional universe composed of coadunate 
but not consubstantial fields, coupled with "glamour" -- which was similar to 
hypnotism or subtle forms of misdirection. 

If we take the new hyperspace theories of Superstring/M-branes as being a 
valid description of the universe that contradicts the single material space 
view presently held by the majority of established academic scientists, it's 
easy to see how sub microscopic magnetic particles that fill the air could be 
caused to be precipitated out onto a receptive surface by controlling the 
magnetic flux images in a coadunate higher order mental field through 
constructive visualization. Not only is this the possible basis of certain 
psychic healing and other placebo effects, but a parallel method of such 
magnetic precipitation is now being explored for use in vapor deposition and 
nano technology fabrication systems. Eventually, I have no doubt that very 
soon the new Siperstring/M-brane paradigms of hyperspace energy fields, that 
follow similar laws of electromagnetism, will "prove" the validity of 
Theosophical metaphysics, and thus, of the entire Secret Doctrine.. Thereby, 
blowing all your false anti theosophical arguments (along with your cohort's 
false religious beliefs) into the limbo of forgotten history where they 

So, my suggestion is that you fulfill your promise of ending the flood of 
unwanted and unneeded past history to this forum, and let us get back to 
discussing theosophy and its practical applications -- which is what I assume 
most of us are here for. (For those interested in such historical 
jabberwocky, they can always go over to your and Daniel's web sites and see 
how closely you agree or disagree with each other.:-)


In a message dated 11/15/02 6:17:57 AM, writes:

>leonmaurer: "could turn a staff into a snake'
>Brian: That's an easy one, I learned this trick in India. If hit in a fast 
>on the head, a snake will go in shock and for a short wile stiffen up like
>a stick.
>The conference in India where they demonstrated this also had a lecture
>on the Indian rope trick by the way, but as I already once mentioned to
>Steve Stubbs, I would have to look up my notes for the details what they
>all said about it. Will try to post that in about 5-6 hours on my web
> Brian.

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