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Re: Theos-World How do I get off this mailing list?

Nov 17, 2002 01:24 PM
by Dennis Kier

Most Browsers have a list of rules that govern the incoming mail,
sorting them into different "folders" if you want it that way.

In the old lists before the Internet, these were called "Twit
Filters". Now you can set up a folder in the browser and name it
"Bree", or "Brian", and have all the incoming mail from one or more
names immediately transferred to that folder, where you can read it
later, or Much later, or Not at all, and leave the main "Inbox" to
contain those writers who seriously discuss that topic that you wish
to discuss.

You need never see the disruptive writings, although you may see the
replies by others to the initial disruptive discussions. My name is
quite probably in that catagory in the browser of one or more
subscribers to the list.


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> I have been looking for an area to discuss Theosophy, this is
obviously not
> it. Most of the postings discuss theosophists and the petty issues

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