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Subba Row and Leadbeater

Nov 17, 2002 11:27 AM
by netemara888

"Subba Row did have a group of pupils or personal friends who as 
the 'chosen few' were given private instruction. Among them were Dr. 
S. Subramania Iyer, [and] C. W. Leadbeater..." "Damodar and the 
Pioneers of the TS."

Now was Row somewhat of a sexist I ask you? I mean HPB begged him, 
pleaded with him to help her with the SD and proofs and the like 
because the man had a fabulous mind and a great deal of occult 
knowledge, but he refused. He did however have a cadre of gentlemen 
around him to whom he spoke in great detail about all things 
esoteric. I still have a fondness for Row but he ended up dying of 
something that seemed like supression of something. And to Olcott's 
credit he tried to help ease the man's death, to little avail. But 
why did he so unceremoniously turn down helping one of the greatest 
occultist who ever lived?

How much influence did Row's writings have on CWL? I am somewhat, 
was, in my youth itinerant and lost a few books here and there and my 
ex stole some of my Theosophy books, because I had at least two of 
CWL's books and now have none. I have yet to replace them, but I do 
not remember how his writings were influenced except that they seemed 
to be of an astral nature, much like what Besant wrote. Although I 
think she had a little more spirituality to her titles. But anyone 
have any knowledge or understanding of how Row's group might have 
influenced CWL. Especially in light of the fact that CWL was not an 
intimate of HPB. And BTW Leadbeater is said to have not wanted to be 
in the company of women (Peter Washington) and would only let Annie 
touch him. Maybe that accounts for him not being in HPB's 
presence...did he not want to be there?


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