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Olcott, Judge and Coleman on Koot Hoomi/Kashmir/Kashmiri Brother

Nov 16, 2002 03:03 PM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

Olcott, Judge and Coleman on Koot Hoomi/Kashmir/Kashmiri Brother

Henry Olcott wrote in 1882:

"I have thus personally known 'Koot Hoomi' since 1875, making his 
acquaintance in New York." 


William Judge wrote in 1881 to "H.P.B. and Co. . ." 

"Now I would be very much pleased could I know from whom it [the 
note] came, whether Kashmir or M. or who of all the long list of 
great ones. . . .I was highly favored with a picture of the 
latter. . . ." 


William Coleman wrote in 1893:

"Towards the latter part of her stay in America, H. P. B. introduced 
to Messrs. Olcott and Judge an adept called 'The Kashmiri Brother.' 
The most noted of the adepts exploited in later years is called Koot 
Hoomi Lal Singh. His name was unknown in America; it was first given 
to Mr. A. P. Sinnett in 1880, as one of the letters of Koot Hoomi has 
stated — the same letter also stating that he (K. H.) was known
in America as 'The Kashmiri Brother.'" 



Daniel H. Caldwell

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