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Brian wrote: "What 'race' where [sic] the 'Mahatmas'. . . ?"

Nov 16, 2002 01:19 PM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

Brian, you wrote:

"What 'race' where [sic] the 'Mahatmas' if they where [sic] not 
Tibetans ? . . . whoever wrote these letters these 'Mahatmas'
didn't identify themselves with 'Tibetans' that is clear from the 
fact that they called the 'Tibetans semblances of Humanity' that had
to 'disappear'. . . what where [sic] the Mahatmas if they where [sic] 
not Tibetans, yet claimed to be writing from Tibet ?"

Brian, I am not exactly sure what your argument is in the above 

Which Mahatma or Master are you asking about?

The following historical items may be of interest to some readers on 

Concerning Master KH, Mr. Sinnett said in THE OCCULT WORLD (first 
published June 1881):

"My correspondent is known to me as the Mahatma Koot Hoomi. This is 
his 'Tibetan Mystic name' - occultists, it would seem, taking new 
names on initiation. . . ."

Mr. Sinnett also writes in the same work that Koot Hoomi was:

". . . a native of the Punjab who was attracted to occult studies 
from his earliest boyhood. He was sent to Europe while still a youth 
at the intervention of a relative - himself an occultist - to be 
educated in Western knowledge, and since then has been fully 
initiated in the greater knowledge of the East."

H.P. Blavatsky in 1884 wrote in LIGHT magazine:

". . . the Master [Koot Hoomi] is a Punjabi, whose family was settled 
for years in Cashmere." 

Quoted from:

On page 16 of the October, 1884 unpublished draft of the 
S.P.R.'s "First Report. . .On Phenomena In Connection With The 
Theosophical Society," one finds the following statement:

"According to Theosophical statements, Koot Hoomi is a 
Brahmin. . . .He was...educated in Europe, and attended Professor 
Fechner's lectures. He became an Adept, and took up his residence in 
Thibet, where he is relic-bearer to the Teschu-Lama, an office in 
Thibet resembling that - say of Cardinal Vicar, in the Roman Catholic 
Church. . . ." 

HPB wrote in 1886:

"There is beyond the Himalayas a nucleus of Adepts, of VARIOUS 
nationalities; and the Teschu lama knows them, and they act together, 
and some of them are with him and yet remain unknown in their true 
character even to the average lamas....My Master [M.] and K.H. and 
several others I know personally are there...." CAPS ADDED. ( 
a letter to Franz Hartmann, THE PATH, March, 1896, p.370.)

Brian, as far as your comments about "these 'Mahatmas' didn't 
identify themselves with 'Tibetans'", please note the following. 

In 1880, KH wrote:

"Our best, most learned, and holiest adepts are of the races of 
the 'greasy Tibetans'; and the Penjabi Singhs . . . ."

Extracted from: The Mahatma Letters, 2nd edition, p. 15.

And if I mistake not, chela D.K. was Tibetan.

Here is another tidbit of information provided by Charles Johnston:

" 'This is my Master,' she said, 'whom we call Mahatma Morya. I have 
his picture here.'

"And she showed me a small panel in oils. If ever I saw genuine awe 
and reverence in a human face, it was in hers, when she spoke of her 
Master. He was a Rajput by birth, she said, one of the old warrior 
race of the Indian desert, the finest and handsomest nation in the 
world. Her Master was a giant, six feet eight, and splendidly built, 
a superb type of manly beauty. Even in the picture, there is a 
marvelous power and fascination; the force, the fierceness even, of 
the face; the dark, glowing eyes, which stare you out of countenance; 
the clear-cut features of bronze, the raven hair and beard—all
spoke of manhood strength. I asked her something about his age. She 

" 'My dear, I cannot tell you exactly, for I do not know. But this I 
will tell you. I met him first when I was twenty—in 1851. He was
in the very prime of manhood then. I am an old woman now, but he has 
not aged a day. He is still in the prime of manhood. That is all I 
can say. You may draw you own conclusions.'

"Then she told me something about other Masters and adepts she had 
known. She had known adepts of many races, from Northern and Southern 
India, Tibet, Persia, China, Egypt; of various European nations, 
Greek, Hungarian, Italian, English; of certain races in South 
America, where she said there was a Lodge of adepts."

Quoted from:

See a facsimile of Morya's portrait at:

The above will have to suffice for now.

Daniel H. Caldwell


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