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Re: Theos-World Alice Bailey didn't knowingly copy from other books.

Nov 14, 2002 04:29 PM
by Dennis Kier

Your writings might make a bit more sense in English, if you would get
an English dictionary, and look up the difference between the word
"where", and "were".

>From the context of the text, it looks like you use the word "where"
most anywhere when you mean either word.


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Subject: Theos-World Alice Bailey didn't knowingly copy from other

> Alice Bailey did not copy from other books when she wrote the
> voluminous works of "D.K." they where clearly written fluently and
> that sence her books are genuine (but in her biography she admitted
> have read Theosophical books all day for a period, while she was
> cooking, ironing and so on) so did "Helene Smith" not copy from any
> known script her "Martian writings" written fluently in front of
> So there are logical explanations where the content of the Mahatma
> Letters came from, and how they where created, the above is part of
> ( I repeat myself with this of course) so those who want to claim
> explanations that defy all rules of physics and logic as we know
them to
> date (2002) should provide some reasonable evidence to proof
> otherwise.
> For example where are other documents independent of Blavatsky
> about this (apparently organized) Brotherhood in Tibet, Egypt, and
> places ?
> Besides having largely been produced as per above (Bailey/Smith/ and
> the hundreds of other such examples that exist all over the place if
> just study the subject) it has been clearly shown that The Mahatma
> Letters (again this seems to meet the pattern of Blavatsky see: )
> contain directs copying from texts Blavatsky (or/and whoever helped
> at times) cuold clearly have in here (there if Damodar was
involved) )
> position, like the (by now famous) "Kiddle incident" the copying
> American occultist P.B.Randolph's books and so on. Ad to this all
> evidence listed in the book by the Hare brothers already back in
> 1936 "Who Wrote The Mahatma Letters ?" that NOT ALL, has been
> refuted by Theosophists EVER, and added to this what we know today
> (read the books of Johnson/Godwinn/Deveney) the case can be said to
> be clear enough and closed. Blavatsky as is abundantly shown in
> Johnson/Godwinn/Deveney clearly mined other people and sources, and
> synthesized them.
> And the "elder Brothers" where not the older races, because they had
> go! But the elder brothers where the members of the Brotherhood that
> had looked upon man since its conception. And they came from the
> Aryan home land Atlantis carried ,there Atlantean palm leaf library
up to
> Tibet where they setled dow. But they where not Tibetans themselves
> because they said Tibetans to be semblances of humanity that with
> the rest had to disappear.
> So the from there Aryan abode in Tibet they wrote the Mahatma
> gave Blavatsky the Stanzas from Atlantis, and directed the writing
of the
> commentary of this Atlantian document they had carried up there and
> make sure the Secret Doctrine with the teachings of the "elder"
> brothers from Atlantis.
> Brian

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