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Re: Theos-World RE: Theosophical Fundamentalism

Nov 14, 2002 03:03 AM
by leonmaurer

Thank you for your carefully considered response to my question concerning 
the word "Synthesis" -- as used by HPB in the subtitle of the SD. I agree 
with your correlation's of the fundamental triune monad with all its 
secondary six fold derivatives, based on its equally fundamental internal 
duality -- as pictured symbolically in my diagrams of the initial universal 
field involution. See:

These diagrams are consistent with the cyclic expansion of the phenomenal 
Universe as described ("Wheels within Wheels") in the SD, and also with the 
formula for the three stages of initial Cosmogenesis given in the book of 
Dzyan, "The Three, The one, the Four, The One, The Five, The Twice Seven, The 
Sum Total." 

Note: (in the primal chakrafield diagram) the fourteen involved "coadunate 
but not consubstantial" inner enfolded fields, within fields, within fields 
-- with their seven zero-point crossovers representing the seven chakras or 
plexuses corresponding to the seven fold centers of consciousness within the 
human form, as well as with the initial seven conscious Dhyan Chohans, or 
Architects of the Universe -- "As above, so below.")  

We might also using "synthesis" be able to deduce from this diagram the 
necessity of "seven rounds and races" -- as they correspond with each stage 
of Cosmic, galactic, solar, planetary, and human evolution. 

As an added help in understanding the deep meanings of the word Synthesis as 
HPB understood it; Here is how the American Heritage Dictionary defines it.

syn-the-sis n. pl. syn-the-ses 
1. a. The combining of separate elements or substances to form a coherent 
whole. b. The complex whole so formed. 
2. Chemistry Formation of a compound from simpler compounds or elements. 
3. Philosophy a. Reasoning from the general to the particular; logical 
b. The combination of thesis and antithesis in the Hegelian dialectical 
whereby a new and higher level of truth is produced. 
[Latin collection from Greek sunthesis from suntithenai to put together sun- 
syn- tithenai to put; See dhT- in Indo-European Roots.] 
syn2theā€¢sist n.
(Etymology clipped)

In a message dated 11/12/02 9:42:55 PM, writes:

>Synthesis gather all factors together and examines their cooperative
>Analysis discusses and speculates on their differences.
>Both systems are needed. They are polar opposites.
>They are the tools of the active mind of man which seeks to understand
>things as they are and as they might become.
>If one adds the fact that there are three main levels of universal
>BEING,. we can see why ancient Hindu Philosophy was considered to be
>6-fold (the 7th being the synthesis of the others 6)
>The three divisions
>2 the Intellectual " MIND KAMA (Desire and Emotion)
>3 The Physical " ASTRAL physical matter
>Running through thee are the laws of logical thinking
>Best wishes,
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>>Science, Religion and Philosophy?"

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