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K. Paul Johnson on Damodar's "Fate"

Nov 13, 2002 06:56 PM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

In 1990, in his first book on Blavatsky and Theosophy, K. Paul 
Johnson wrote about Damodar's "fate":

"Alas for poor Damodar! The entire period of his attachment to the 
Headquarters had been extremely stressful, as he was HPB's only truly 
trusted chela. Whatever the mysterious connection between the real 
Masters and the dubious phenomena, the secret died with him and HPB. 
But while she could rebound, as she had from so many other trials, 
his honour was destroyed and his only salvation was escape. Motivated 
by love for India and hope for reviving its degraded spiritual 
heritage, he had labored for the Masters and gained as his reward 
public humiliation as an accomplice of a fraudulent psychic. Small 
wonder that he felt he had no choice but to quietly disappear 
into 'Tibet.' Damodar's destination was probably neither the death by 
freezing to which Meade and her predecessors condemn him, nor the 
glorious reunion with Tibetan Masters as believed by Theosophists. In 
Kashmir or the Punjab, he was rewarded for his labors with a new 
identity and a new life in service to the real Masters whose 
existence was denied by Richard Hodgson." Paul Johnson, In Search of 
the Masters, privately published, 1990, page 257. 

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