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Re: RE:: A Precipitation Primer

Nov 13, 2002 06:27 PM
by netemara888

I thought she did create some of the letters out of the ethers/space? 
That's my impression of the genuine ones by her or others. That the 
letters/words were impressed into the paper--formed in space and then 
married or melted to the paper. Now, if it indeed did happen that 
way, then that would be something so see. 



--- In theos-talk@y..., "Steve Stubbs" <stevestubbs@y...> wrote:
> Dallas: "Examination of some letters at high magnification clearly 
> shows that what appears to the unaided eye as a continuous line ... 
> is in fact a close series of very fine
> lines each separated from the other by a white space. ... Needless 
> say that at the time of such precipitation (in the period between 
> 1880 and 1885) no technology existed in the West that could produce 
> such an effect.
> Not true. This just means the letters were painted on using a 
> and not written with a pen.
> You left off the most interesting quote, which spells out how a 
> letter could be produced from out of space and not merely written 
> existing paper.
> Some comments:
> KH: "Bear this in mind and be prepared for it in London.
> This is probably a reference to the letters produced by Laura 
> Holloway for Sinnett.
> KH: "we employ agents??the best available. Of these, for the past 
> thirty years, the chief has been the personality known as H.P.B."
> Meaning she was one of the amanuensis chelas.
> "Through the means of the Astral Light and the help of 
Elementals ..."
> The fact that elementals were involved is the reason the matter was 
> considered a risky one.
> "Matter is held suspended in the air about us. Every particle of 
> matter, visible or still unprecipitated, has been through all 
> possible forms, existing, as they all do, in the Astral Light and
> then by effort of the Will and Imagination to clothe the form with 
> the matter by precipitation.
> The "form" referred to here is rupa in Sanskrit, and is the kama 
> to which I referred.
> "it may be pushed to a greater limit, which, when reached, causes 
> Imagination to evolve in the Astral substance an actual image or 
> which may then be used in the same way as an iron molder uses a 
> or sand for the molten iron.
> The "mold" is the kama rupa. Bear in mind that Judge knew little 
> about this process.
> Consider this: any piece of matter can be conceptually decomposed 
> into three independent things: the atoms of which it is composed, 
> cohesion which holds the atoms together, and the form or rupa into 
> which the cohesion holds said atoms.
> "it is hardly one out of a hundred "occult" letters that is ever 
> written by the hand of the Master, in whose name and on whose 
> they are sent, as the Masters have neither need nor leisure to 
> them; and that when a Master says, "I wrote that
> letter," it means only that every word in it was dictated by him 
> impressed under his direct supervision. Generally they make their 
> chela, whether near or far away, write (or precipitate) them, by 
> impressing upon his mind the ideas they wish expressed, and if 
> necessary aiding him in the picture?making process of 
> It depends entirely upon the chela's state of development, how 
> accurately the ideas may be transmitted
> This is a reference to the "amanuensis chelas" who were never 
> identified by name but of which there appear to have been two: HPB 
> and Damodar.
> If the process was "impressing upon his mind the ideas they wish 
> expressed" then it is likely HPB took those impressions and phrased 
> them in her own words, which is why the letters have her 
> characteristic style. The problem is then whether they really were 
> someone else's thoughts or not.
> "The message has to be seen in the astral light in facsimile, and 
> through that astral matrix, I precipitate the whole of it."
> The "facsimile" is the kama rupa.
> "It's different, though, if Master sends me the paper and the 
> already done."
> This would be a reference to materializing the paper itself with 
> lettering on it. The process is described in the quote 
> aforementioned.
> "Some years ago H.P.B. was charged [ by A.P.Sinnett ] with misuse 
> Mahatmas' names and handwritings, with forgery of messages from the 
> Mahatmas
> Sinnett claims HPB admitted it, and said no harm done since he was 
> not fooled.
> "if the Letter to some Brahmins ["Prayag Letter" ?? Mahatma 
> p. 461?3 ??] is a fraud, as Col. Olcott and another say, then all 
> rest are, also."
> Dangerous statement.

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