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Re: Theos-World Re: The Secret Doctrine and Complementarity

Nov 13, 2002 01:28 PM
by leonmaurer

Very gratifying to hear about your interest in the scientific basis of 
theosophy and how close (but not yet touching) physics is to understanding 
the true nature of reality... Which, as I see it, goes far beyond the limited 
realm of conventional quantum physics that considers only the physical 
aspects of material substance, and has, until quite recently (except for a 
few promethians) ignored its spiritual or consciousness aspects. 

As you may gather, I am critical of the separation that occurs in science 
between the relativists, the quantalists, and the String/M-brane theorists 
that not only contradict each other but also ignore the all inclusive 
a-priori role that transcendental consciousness plays in the overall genesis 
of material fields and forms. However, there are some physicists who 
recognize these disparities and have tried to bring them together in a 
synthetic theory -- such the Holographic Paradigm of A. T. Williams, based 
on the following statement (that is not far from my ABC theory or the met
aphysics of HPB): ". . . unconditioned, omnipresent subquantum hyperenergy 
and hyperinformation is the irreducible, all-inclusive ground of being within 
which all conditionally relative nonmaterial and material phenomena 
manifest." This also blends in with the theories of Bernard Haisch, Alfonso 
Rueda & H. E. Puthoff pertaining to the high energy, faster than light, 
zero-point energy fields (ZPE) -- as well as merging the holographic universe 
ideas put forward by Carl Pribam, David Bohm and others. 

It's too bad that the physicists working on finding the Higgs particle have 
had little success so far. However, I have a suspicion that such a particle 
is a figment of their imagination, and simply represents the missing 
energy/mass equivalents that are tied up in the invisible and non metric ZPE 
hyperspace (or my ABC) fields that, apparently, may also be equivalent to the 
proposed (if not imaginary) "dark matter" and "cosmological constants" of 
relativity and quantum theories -- that attempts to bring them into alignment.

For a little more on these contrary ideas, check out

As for the science forums, see:

Best wishes,


In a message dated 11/12/02 6:31:13 PM, writes:

>Thanks for the info Leon. I was supposed to be on a similar forum 
>that was formed after a group of physicists and teachers spent some 
>time on physics' projects "quarknet" at Notre Dame this summer. On my 
>wall in this room I have a picture of "The Standard Model" which is 
>based on the 8, the noble path of the Buddha. I have had discussions 
>with physicists who work in conjunction with the accelarator at 
>Fermi Labs which I visited for the first time this summer. I am 
>hoping to go to CERN and spend some time there in Geneva and Europe. 
>But that's funny you posit HPB's words/work with these physicists and 
>now I am talking to some of these same guys in person.
>The group I worked with here was involved in that huge find where 
>about 100 physicists are on the cover of TIME and there was some 
>catchy title about how many physicists does it take to discover 
>something. I forgot it, but I wrote a great deal about them in my 
>manuscript. No one understands what I am doing except those who are 
>both sides of the fence. My favorite T has the Feynmann diagram on 
>I love physics. It is so spiritual. I have been following the 
>progress of the GUT also for the last 30 years. I used to go to 
>lectures by nobel physicists at the U. of Chicago and I understood 
>every word of it, before I ever took a physics course. That's why I 
>know there is a connection between meditation, the experiences of 
>meditation and the holy grail of final particles. Which may be never 
>ending. But if I get any emails regarding progress of the Higgs I 
>will send them along, and if you get any please share them.
>What is the forum list?

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