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Re: Leadbeater & Blavatsky

Nov 13, 2002 09:29 AM
by Steve Stubbs

--- In theos-talk@y..., <gregory@z...> wrote:
> Jinarajadasa, who was living with Leadbeater at the time

Very interesting indeed. In his Golden Book as I recall, J. 
indicated he was a great fan of "celibacy" and hoped women could 
someday produce babies by "occult" means so heterosexual activity 
could be eliminated. I always wondered why he was so negative. Now 
it appears he was Leadbeater's homosexual lover. Another hidden 
agenda in Theosophical history gets exposed to full view.

> Given that Leadbeater was obviously a pathological liar, nothing 
can be taken on his word alone.

Absolutely true, and thanks for saying ir. It is genuinely 
embarrassing that the Adyar TS extols this character to the cost of 

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