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re Leon/Steve . . .

Nov 13, 2002 04:55 AM
by Mauri

Steve wrote: <<Fine where the cosmpogenetic theory is 
concerned. Ditto with the seven principles of man and 
nature. Assuming you understand them, that is. Most 
theosophists think these are objective, whereas they
are statements about consciousness itself and not the 
onjects of consciousness.>>

That wording "whereas they are statements about 
consciousness itself and not the objects of consciousness" 
seems to be the kind of wording that I might've used to 
better advantage, all along, (maybe, I'm speculating . . . ) 
when writing to Leon, Dallas, and others, about 
exoteric/esoteric. How one interprets those words, is, as 
I see it, kind of key here, though. And since any merely 
exoteric/dualistic (no matter how "logical") explanatory 
version of such words can only go as far as duality 
allows, one might wonder (at some point?), where that 
kind of dualistic logic train is headed, aside from various 
kinds of dualistic/logical destinations . . . Not that there's 
anything wrong with many dualistic/logical destinations, 
but/"but" . . . What about the non-dualistic destinations 
(that may transcend conventional/mainstream logic?) . . .

If logical/dualistic destinations of such trains of thought 
are seen as more important or more relevant than 
non-dualistic destinations, than those logical destinations 
will have their way, I suppose, for the most part . . . Not 
that introductory scientizings in dualistic/logical terms 
(even when "intentionally" excluding speculative, 
creative, or "freer thoughts" from such scientizings) 
might not be seen to have a somewhat over-riding 
relevance/importance in many situations (especially in 
the current, mainstream climate, apparently?); but, then, 
at the same time, one might be inclined to question 
whether that kind of scientizing logic would or would not 
lead to the likes of (what might be called?) the heart of 
the kind of Theosophic wisdom that, (obviously or not?), 
is a transcendent aspect in as much as if it's seen as 
non-dualistic, and so, because of that, such 
transcendence could not (?) ever be arrived at by any 
kind of dualistic logic train . . .

On the other hand, if the passengers on such trains were 
to have some kind of basic appreciation about the limits 
of their dualistic tracks, ahead of time, then maybe such 
travelers might find ways of cultivating notions about 
logical/dualistic destinations in a somewhat more 
transcendent and more truly Theosophic manner . . .


PS Well, I suppose that, for the most part, the passengers 
on most trains are a mixed bunch. But what about 
individual passengers who, in their own way, might 
appreciate this and that, and . . . And if a bunch of 
passengers prefer, for whatever reason (that Theosophists 
might see as mayavic), various dualistic/logical 
destinations . . . well, I can think of worse things . . .

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