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Re: Daniel C.Caldwell's Precipitation a big Con.

Nov 12, 2002 07:05 PM
by netemara888

--- In theos-talk@y..., "brianmuehlbach" <brianmuehlbach@y...> wrote:
> Brian: Count Witte Blavatsky's relative wrote Blavatsky used to run 
an ink 
> and paper store.

Brian, I thought you were leaving? Well, glad you changed your mind. 
Or maybe you said you would not waste any more time trying to 
disprove this? Anyway, where is the reference, what book has this 
reference that Helena used to run an ink and paper store? Was it in 
Russia? Or in Paris? I have not come across that reference. Not 
saying it don't exist though. 

Loyola must have always had a fascination with ink, ink pens, and 
paper as her mother was a famous writer, who published anonymously, 
but was said to be the Russian George Sand. So, she must have come 
into a love of writing early on as her mother died when Helena was 
rather young. And came into a love of books from reading in her 
grandfather's vast library. And her siblings and relatives also said 
that she had such a vivid imagination that she used to tell them wild 
fantasies to the point that they were all terrified as they seemed to 
come to life in the telling. So, you have all the ingredients at a 
young age of a woman destined to have a public life in which she 
would entertain and teach the masses with her abilities using the 
written word. One who was a born actress, writer, and storyteller.

But all this taken together does not make her a forger. Or that she 
forged everything she touched. Besides if she had the ability to be 
taken for a master, then she is for all intents and purposes the 
voice of the master at that time, for that message. However, DK says 
that SOME of the letters were forged.

Leaves us back at square one. We both have Libra moons, I understand 
that she was at heart a peacemaker and a diplomat. She was not a boat 
rocker per se, but things seemed to get shook up wherever she went!



And J. Godwin who wrote the famous book "The 
> Theosophical Enlightenment" at one time produced his own "Mahatma 
> Letters" by simple writing on colored pencil with the paper resting 
on the 
> cloth binding of a book with the pattern determining the clean and 
> effect, and sending to his friends like among others K. Paul 
> This is among others hinted at in the interview with K. Paul 
Johnson on 
> this web site. K. Paul Johnson in fact flew personally to London to 
look at 
> the letters in the British Museum (with Leslie Price) and stated 
the J. 
> Godwin demonstration looked the same. 
> Editor: Could the unknown factor described by Harrison, and by some 
> interpreted as "precipitation," not easily be produced by writing 
with a 
> colored pencil with the paper resting on the cloth binding of a 
book with 
> the pattern determining the clean and sharp effect? 
> K.Paul Johnson: Yes, another writer on Blavatsky once demonstrated 
> for me and it does produce the same kind of effect as seen in some 
> the Mahatma letters. 
> --- In theos-talk@y..., "Daniel H. Caldwell" <comments@b...> wrote:

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