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Re: Theos-World Australia's karma

Nov 12, 2002 00:56 AM
by netemara888

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> If you are referring to Israel as the oppressor, and the
> Palestinians
> as the oppressed, learn some history. The Palestinians were trying 
> destroy Israel. They made war against Israel. They lost. That's how
> Israel ended up with the West Bank. And the Palestinians STILL have 
> primary goal of the destruction of the State of Israel.
> Would anyone know the root cause of the hatred of the Palestinians 
> Israel? I have numerous stories in the media, but what is the 
> version of the truth?
> Thank you.
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There is nothing in the media that you can believe about anything, 
let alone about Israel. If you want to know more about it look at the 
involvement of England who are judophiles.

I have posted some excerpts re the founding of Israel from Johnson's 
book "History of the Jews" which is one of the best on the subject, 
but not the only one. The founding of the Zionist state of Israel was 
a true (rich) gentleman's agreement, including the Protocol of Zion. 
This is one of the most interesting stories in history, but it is not 
taught in general history classes, I would bet money on that.

Johnson said that the only reason that the Palestinians were defeated 
when this initially went over was due to their lack of military 
organization at the time. Israel caught them by surprise so to speak. 
And the rest is history as they say. 


> Admittedly, the Palestinians, when the State of Israel was 
> didn't oppress the Jews who were living among them. They just killed
> them and seized their land.
> So, tell me, please tell me what actions Israel should do 
that will
> not
> guarantee Israel's destruction?
> Bart Lidofsky
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