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Re: Master M. on Incarnation of "God" and the Radhasoami Gurus

Nov 10, 2002 09:11 AM
by netemara888

Daniel I think we briefly corresponded on RSS forum. And at one point 
on that forum as sort of a tongue-in-cheek comment I said 
that "Blavatsky invented the Radhasoami Gurus." Of course that went 
over like a lead ballon. But I have my copy of "The Mahatma Letters" 
in front of me. I did not read every single letter and thus was 
ignorant of the contents of this one.

Letter no. XL
"No harm and much instruction may come to you by joining his 
[Radhasoami] Society. Go on until he demands what you will be obliged 
to refuse. Learn and study. You are right: they [Salig Ram and his 
devotees] say and affirm that the one and only God of the Universe 
was incarnated in their guru [Shiv Dayal Singh, the acknowledged 
founder of Radhasoami]."

Comment: If Shiv Dayal was the founder of RS then who was Guru Nanak? 
Merely the founder of Sikhism? And one of the authors of the Adi 

Here must be the departure. As the Sikhs are, as the world knows, 
totally violent when it comes to discussion of the RS and Beas gurus 
and the use of their book The Adi Granth (I bought all 5 volumes and 
carted them home from India). Sant Mat does in fact use the Adi 
Granth. However, it is Sar Bachan which is considered the Bible of 

Here you have KH advising A.P. Sinnett to become a Satsangi. Does 
that mean he join RS in his next birth? 

KH: "...who [Saligram]innoculates with his vision all the other 

Comment: This would be a direct indictment that he is merely a false 
master, a master of duality. One who confers visions such as light 
and sound upon his meditating disciples. Some say that with the 
initiation of some of the gurus they would instantly go inside or see 
light and hear sound. While others (usually Westerners) were unable 
to see a damn thing due to what? Due to the presence of a strong 
brain, mind and intellect which keeps one from having visions. I say 
if the visions are borne out of the brain and brain activity in the 
first place or of the mental type creations then it would seem that 
those who are mentally polarized would be more likely to have visions 
than those who are less mentally inclined. But the masters, we have 
their word on it, that the simple people, the regular Indian man and 
woman is far more likely to have these experiences than is the Aryan 



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