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Master KH on "God" : KH refers to his notes known as ML No. 10

Nov 10, 2002 06:36 AM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

Mahatma Letter No. 23b

. . . In my notes [see Mahatma Letter No. 10] on Mr. Hume's MSS., "On 
God" -- that he kindly adds to our Philosophy, something the latter 
had never contemplated before -- the subject is mentioned abundantly. 
Has he refused you a look into it? For you -- I may enlarge my 
explanations, but not before you have read what I say of the origin 
of good and evil on those margins. [See again ML. No. 10] Quite 
enough was said by me for our present purposes. Strangely enough I 
found a European author -- the greatest materialist of his times, 
Baron d'Holbach -- whose views coincide entirely with the views of 
our philosophy. When reading his Essais sur la Nature, I might have 
imagined I had our book of Kiu-ti before me. . . . K.H.

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