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Re: Theos-World Re: subscription ---

Nov 08, 2002 07:31 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Steve Stubbs wrote:
> But even so, that is not what you said. You said the Sharonistas
> were treating the Palestinians far better than any Arab government
> treats their citizens. 

I believe I said that they had more rights than they would if they
lived in an Arab country. Another person had described it as a "slave

> That statement is clearly false. No Arab
> state is engaging in a genocide or erhnic cleaning operation, and in
> fact that last large scale genocide was carried out by Hitler.

How about Iraq? How about Syria's incursion into Lebanon? How about the
"ethnic cleansing" in the Balkans?

Bart Lidofsky

> You would be accurate if you said the coveted West Bank and the
> coveted Gaza territory are not "slave territories" as Dennis says.
> It is the policy of the Sharonistas to import Jews from abroad for
> economic exploitation and to kill or exile Arabs.
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