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Re: Theos-World colored by the culture of the time

Nov 08, 2002 04:51 PM
by Dennis Kier


Curiously enough, I had some correspondence with John Algeo a year or
so ago asking about this subject. He replied and said that their was a
35mm (color) slide set of the letters, and said that it should not be
too much trouble to put them in a museum section on his web site at, but I have gone back there from time to time,
and it has never appeared.

But the relevant information is that there is a color slide set in
existance of the letters, and I seem to have the impression is that it
was a commercial venture of some nature, so there should be more than
one set of the slides somewhere in the world.

Does anyone else know any more details of this?


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Subject: Theos-World colored by the culture of the time

> A few stray comments ...
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> >Subject: Re: Theos-World "Answering" Morten Nymann Olesen's
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> >Are anyone aware of if there is a particular reason to why the
> >Letters (as originals) are not scanned in and put online on
PDF-file or
> >another file-format ?*
> The Letters were given to the British Museum. I am not sure who the
> current trustees of the Letters are, but the question would be if
> had the right to authorize such a scan or the Museum itself would
> the final say.

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