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Brian/Brigitte is very good at presenting only one side of an issue. . . .

Nov 08, 2002 07:46 AM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

Brian/Brigitte is very good at presenting only one side of an issue --
- usually the "negative" side.

Although HPB does write about "inferior" races, one should always try 
to see the context in which she is writing and compare other 
statements by her.

For example, would Brian/Brigitte ever point out to readers the 
following extract that HPB wrote in the SD?

"The same is shown in Africa; nowhere does a more extraordinary 
variability of types exist, from black to almost white, from gigantic 
men to dwarfish races; and this only because of their forced 
isolation. The Africans have never left their continent for several 
hundred thousands of years. If to-morrow the continent of Europe were 
to disappear and other lands to re-emerge instead; and if the African 
tribes were to separate and scatter on the face of the earth, it is 
they who, in about a hundred thousand years hence, would form the 
bulk of the civilized nations. And it is the descendants of those of 
our highly cultured nations, who might have survived on some one 
island, without any means of crossing the new seas, that would fall 
back into a state of relative savagery. Thus the reason given for 
dividing humanity into superior and inferior races falls to the 
ground and becomes a fallacy." SD, II, 425.

HPB italicizes the words "superior" and "inferior".

Daniel H. Caldwell

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