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re to Wry, Brian . . .

Nov 07, 2002 04:29 AM
by Mauri

>Wry:"unless you are able to help them find something 
>better to replace it with."

>Brian: What Church do you really belong to ? 

I wonder if you might tell us, Brian, how you define 
"Church" in the context of that particular question, to 
begin with . . . 


PS Good question, in a way, (maybe?), that question 
about "what Church." Hmm. I wonder what "Church" I 
might "belong to," as per whatever "preferrrred, current 
perspective, on my part" (I think I'd have to sort out for 
myself, first, what I might "mean" by "preferrrred, 
current perspective, on my part") . . . But before I could 
even "begin" to "somewhat applicably" answer (or at 
least respond to) that question about "what Church," I 
think I would need to know much more about the sense 
in which all of those words in that question are meant, 
more-specifically, so . . . what can I say . . . ^:-)

PPS that's my symbol for a stumped guy scratching his 
head . . . 

PPPS thing is, I seem to like to think that I had a 
somewhat profound realization, a long time ago, that I 
don't really know anything, so . . . ^:-) . . . seems as if 
there's not much point in asking me about my favorite 
anything much, apparently . . . ie, nstead of "stating" 
about this and that, (like people seem to be often 
generally "expected to," or "supposed to," 
"preferentially"?), I seem to want to keep on 
"speculating." Sorry about that, guys. But, one of these 
days . . .

PPPPS At one time I seem to have thought that "my 
favorite color," for example, was blue, (or was it green, 
or yellow . . .) but, these days, I don't seem to know what 
it might be. Or maybe if I knew something about the 
application for a specific color . . . 

PPPPPS I wonder what color of "Church" that "Brian" 
might've had in mind, there . . .

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