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re recent . . .

Nov 04, 2002 04:39 AM
by Mauri

This is about the recent posts from Leon, Gerald, Wry, 
Dallas, Tim, Mauri, etc. If karma had an influence in 
shaping the nature of the thinking that went into the 
composition of those posts (ie, "karma," "influence," 
"shaping," "thinking," etc., in terms of the "present real" 
or "exoteric" framework or worldview), and if 
Theosophy is seen as having an objective in keeping with 
a form of "s/Sense making," in "b/Broader terms," say, I 
wonder if manas might get around to seeing that there 
might be ("are"?) kinds of sense making (even of the 
small s kind) that would be seen as keyish in the area of 
one's dealings with the apparent differences in people.

That is, what if there might be a kind of better-off form 
of sense making (in keeping with a larger or Theosophic 
perspective) that might involve efforts to focus on and 
cultivate those aspects of "r/Realer mutual support" that 
are seen as "spanning the differences in a manner that's 
wise and unifying," (after defining such mutually 
supportive aspects to oneself, of course, which might be 
not only "another subject," but part of the prime karmic 
reality that had a role in bringing us here, in the first 
place; but/"but" . . . ) . . . 

"Actually," (would you believe, guys?), I would've liked 
to respond "more specifically" to each of you, but, (you 
guessed it?), I have to go to work, AGAIN, ("for now," at 
any rate).


PS And sorry, Dallas, Leon, etc.., for what-ifing and 
speculating again. Seems I haven't got around to 
anything better. One of these days, eh . . .

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