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Re: Theos-World re Leon's "absolutely". . .

Nov 02, 2002 12:27 PM
by leonmaurer

Mauri, As the Buddha (HPB and Einstein) pointed out (if we can read between 
the lines of the words they said) -- "The absolute is relative and the 
relative is absolute." Therefore, there is no such thing as "absolutely" in 
the sense of *positively*. But then, we must try not to be *negative* -- 
which sometimes is the result of "speculation" that generally has to come 
before *determination* and positive *conviction* (after adequate thought). 

So, since my "absolutely" should have been followed by a smiley (:-) (with 
reference to your "speculatively") -- take my ideas and theories as 
"probabilities." Then go back to fundamental principles, study the Book of 
Dzyan and the HPB commentaries, check the consistencies with the 
probabilities of scientific thought, follow the absolutely relative logic, 
and find out for yourself. Then, there will be no need to speculate on 
anything except, maybe, that theosophical metaphysics is true or it isn't. :-)

The only things stumped (relatively or absolutely) by this, are the trees of 
our own ignorance we can hopefully cut down.

Probably, :-)

In a message dated 11/02/02 11:36:37 AM, writes:

>I wonder if Leon ever gets stumped much, or 
>if he's "absolutely" pretty much all the time . . . 

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