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RE:The DIVINE, also esotericism and exotericism.

Apr 27, 2002 05:51 AM
by dalval14

Saturday, April 27, 2002

Esoteric and Exoteric (Dallas and Atma Revisited)

Dear M. and Friends:

As I said (and as I believe that I have understood from my study
of Theosophy) the "esoteric" is always embodied in the exoteric.
It cannot be expressed or explained . It has no "FORM"
EXISTENCE. But it forms the "unknown Root" of our basis for life
and ex-istence, and of the community of relationships we have
with all beings in our universe, whether human or others.

We cannot "live" in this Earth without air, water food clothing,
habitation and companionship. But these are made up of the
elements supplied by a supportive Nature. [ Do we stop to
enquire why we deserve this support? How is it possible for
us -- and every other being -- to co-exist? Why do we live at
all? What is the benefit? and, to whom? ]

These "elements" are made up of innumerable components: cells,
molecules, atoms, and a host of sub-atmic particles of surprising
electro-magnetic strength and organization. It is a real marvel:

How is this done? We don't know it, and with our limited
knowledge and abilities, we don't manage it except very
superficially -- we are, as a kind of "Tennant" to whom a
wonderfully intricate mechanism (our body) has even entrusted.
[But how many of us look at themselves in this way ?]

Cannot we call this the esotericism of our being, or our
existence? and does this yet explain clearly what the difference
between "thought" and "feeling or emotion" is? Who are WE ?
Is that not the eternal "esoteric" puzzle? And although it
confronts us momentarily, we don't recognize it as a fact.

Ancient Hermes said: MAN KNOW THYSELF." -- there alone is
"esotericism." It is not a "think-object" it is an IDEAL. It is
not an object or a system, it is an immortal BEING IN ITSELF. We
are it, but yet, we don't recognize it yet. We however have an
inkling, a suspicion of its existence. How do we set about
proving it? The attempt to study ourselves, our essentials and
faculties gradually reveals to us our inner base. We can
mentally penetrate behind the physical to the elctro-magnetic
lattice of forces on which physical molecules are arranged (the
"astral body") . We can "see" that behind this is a series of
"life-currents" -- of breaths peculiar to ourselves and to our
Karma, (the Prana). Then behind that are the many subtle
emotions, desires, feelings, wants, and needs (generally grouped
under KAMA.

As yet (in our analysis and thinking) we have only approached to
the MIND -- the OBSERVER the THINKER -- Mind may be seen as a
tool of the PERCEIVER, and also as a ruler of the Personality,
but, also, occasionally its victim. This is condition in which
we all at present are.

But there is a Power that transcends the Mind -- called BUDDHI --
and defined as the Universal Wisdom and perception of all the
Laws and Purposes of the vast Universe ( of which we are an
integral part). Finally it dawns on us that there is a ONENESS
in all things -- a SPIRITUAL CHANGELESS ESSENCE or ROOT. This is
the ATMA the SPIRITUAL SOUL of the UNIVERSE -- and even if, is
periodical in manifestation, thought it never "dies" --it
emanates from the inconceivable and immutable ABSOLUTENESS which
always is, whether there be timeless manifestation, or the
interminable sleep of Pralaya.

Each student has to seek for meaning based solely on the ETHICAL
/ MORAL equity, balance, impersonality and the universality of
LAW, justice, impartiality and uniformly and if he is diligent
he will find that this LAW (and its many sub-laws) is completely
diffused throughout the manifested Universe.

As I read it, Theosophy states: Every being is ruled by this
condition; and by its uniform and universal existence, they are
also all inter-related.

Hence the first object of the THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT is UNIVERSAL
BROTHERHOOD. If we are able to appreciate, and adopt this as our
view, then, from that point on, we affirm our belief in the unity
of all beings and also in their IMMORTALITY -- as "Eternal
Pilgrims," each at the level of evolution, where the faculties
being developed by their own self-effort, are an index of the
ethical and moral WISDOM of that being. Yet, in every being the
divine Potential is ever present.

As I study it, Theosophy states, that If this is not grasped,
there can be no real understanding of Theosophical propositions,
tenets, or doctrines.-- which as HISTORY, preserved by the Great
Lodge of Adepts since the beginning of time, underlie all systems
of religion, philosophy or science at their ROOTS and ORIGINS.
At their "roots" they are all ONE and unified.

As I see it, one has to penetrate to their individual source to
prove this for themselves. It can never be a matter of physical
plane instruction or impartation, it always is a matter of
self-generated effort.

The Mind, when purified of passion, distraction, maya and
ignorance, becomes the storehouse and the repository of universal
knowledge. (Study PATANJALI) Yet, each one has the capacity of
expressing their understanding and perhaps of showing others the
"doors" and "windows" that, individually, they have discovered
which have afforded them a view of the "INFINITE GOAL' -- of
SUBLIME PERFECTION -- which is common for all of us. It is NOT
outside somewhere, but always interior. We are the Immortals.
We are the eternal students, We seek the "esotericism" of which
we are the shrine and the temple. "Look inward, thou art

Ceremonial magic, mantrams and postures of discipline are not in
any way the equivalents of the inner search for TRUTH. And TRUTH
is the possession of no one. No one can by some single method
induce in others a knowledge of themselves. It is an individual
effort and has to be entirely honest and sincere if any lasting
result is to be attained.

pp. 14 -19) have to be fully grasped by all (any one) who desire
to understand and penetrate to the Divine Monad (Atma-Buddhi)
which is the root-base of our present ex-istence.

The whole of The SECRET DOCTRINE demonstrates this as a fact, but
we have to make the effort to read, to correlate, and to study --
discussion, speculations, doubts and opinions have no permanent
existence -- as any one can see. But there is such a thing as
the MEMORY (Mind faculty) and the INTUITION (a Buddhi-Manasic
faculty) which we can all access IN OURSELVES.

The "esoteric" always relates to BUDDHI-MANAS and is interior at
the root base of our own Spiritual SELVES -- the HIGHER SELF
(the Atma) the Divine tutor (see SECRET DOCTRINE I 207-210).
It is not "outside," nor can it be taught in some discipline, or
system of meditation, nor is it expressible "by outside

Mysterious this may sound, but every Adept, every Initiate, every
Prophet has attested to this as fact.

Best wishes,



-----Original Message-----
From: M
Sent: Friday, April 26, 2002 8:32 PM
Subject: Re: Dallas and Atma Revisited

I wonder if we might all have some kind of "more esoteric and
realistic understanding," on some level, in some way, about such
as reification, maya, esoteric/exoteric . . .

My understanding of HPB's overall message is that it was to be
as a kind of rough road map, basically, rather than reified,
interpreted literally, turned into a religion, etc., and that
realistic Theosophists" (not that we're not all "more realistic,"
in our
various ways, but I think I'm trying to say "comparatively
speaking, in
a sense," possibly . . .) so certain kinds of "more realistic
Theosophists" (seems to me) might, occasionally,
something about how exoteric Theosophists might be rather
misleading from
what might be seen as "a more realistic perspective," in a sense
. . .

The way "I tend to see things currently," (whatever that might
realistically mean"!) unless certain kinds of "clarifying words"
used in Theosophic discussions, there might be a regression of
possibly, of general understanding about "realistic Theosophy" .
. .
Not that we don't all have our own version of what "realistic
is . . . "but" . . . But I
keep wondering whether there might be some kind of "but"
phasing/interpretation that might go toward some kind of
of exoteric thought," in some way, seeing as (apparently?)
thoughts" can't be transcended exoterically. Isn't Theosophy all
transcending exoteric things . . . So . . .



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