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Apr 26, 2002 07:27 AM
by Nisk98114

A very striking paragraph by Dallas below certainly points to that 
indiscernable feeling of "oneness" that many people use as phrase in their 
posts and well explains those feelings that are there but not generally 
stated by most.
There was a story that involved a man in a dungeon with a very high 
window in it.Too high for the prisoner to reach on his own and a "child" 
who came to visit everyday and threw rose petals through the open window.And 
how grateful the "prisoner" became as time went by for the "visits" of that 
child. Such is the 'not aloneness' that can come over the student as he goes 
along in this students estimation.
I deem it true that the "gift" of Theosophy made by the Masters
of wisdom through H P B is a most valuable one, and will be a
pivotal point of importance for the rest of this evolutionary
period of our Earth. Looking perhaps, thousands of years into
the future, just as we look back to the time of Plato and the
Dialogs at the Academy, or of Jesus and the "Sermon on the
Mount." I would say that to know of these things and not use
them in our lives as guides and friends is an error. Our
incarnation now, so close to the time when the philosophy was
again publicized, makes our present life's choices most
important. If one reads the MAHATMA LETTERS carefully much of
what I say here, is to be seen recorded or 'implied' there. Why
would H P B or the Mahatmas be further away from us now than
then? Are we keeping them at "arms length?" If so how? Each one
has to answer that for themselves. It is said that the path of
the disciple becomes more difficult as he advances -- I think it
is only apparent. for, if one is determined to help others and
pass on what one has gained or understood, then the work becomes
joy and a pleasure, and "help" comes from unexpected areas -- an
idea, an intuition, an allegory, or a simile -- all these tend to
show me, we are never 'alone."

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