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Apr 25, 2002 07:53 AM
by Ademm Indraka

The effect of guidance in and out of the mind. Circles will be played like violins in the downward spiral of life; U N I I N U , definitive and accurately portrayed in all things majestical The universe, unicorn, university, univalent, unity, unitize, unitive, united, unitary, unit, unison, unisexual, uniseriate, unique, unipotent, unipolar, uniplanar, unipersonal, uniparous., Even know I am polytheistic, the Idea of one is circumstantial . When I describe one in my work It is in relation to a dimensional aspect. With deep focus and adjuration, I have tried to complete the circle with success (bringing all dimensions into one place). However it is a constant struggle, just like keeping your house clean ( it will always get dirty in some form or another ). I can not claim that I can show the way , understanding is the only attribute I have to offer, at least indirectly . Their is no single student only society (the all) which is a lot more than that of the humans' bean . I can only show that the portrayal - potential of individualism goes further into the self than that of external things, and will be external all in the same. (confusing huh) The dimensional rift hides on many plains, time stands still, space is void. One can see where a being stepped 100 years ago and strange enough it seem they can see one back. My gods show dimension as an obstacle , the only way to communicate with them is to divide the divide. Open awareness to all things moral and not ( so to speak ). Again playing the worlds tightest violin, its not easy. The mind is a very complicated machine . All things are one thing, all the gods have their place. I do too. The one thing is not god, Its a polar aspect (existence); the beginning and end of all things. One can develop blue prints and create worlds. Very much like that of ancient cultures that created their place in death. They decide where they are going to go. It is not totally off Where do you think our gods came from?, We all are gods if we so choose . *THEND*

This will be the last post to multiple groups at least for awhile. I must collect the peaces so that I may put them together again. I will however still be posting my rhetoric to oraganon's group. For those that are interested. SOBE It *PAEC*
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