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Re: Theos-World FW: Karma Can we trace its working ?

Apr 24, 2002 09:33 PM
by Mic Forster

Dallas wrote:

"Reasoning memory, planning and intuition are all
related to humans -- and to humankind mixed with human
Their source and power are subtle and difficult to
detect with
instrumentations. But we all have them and in some
they are more
developed than in others. Why ? The MIND and its
capacities and qualities make the difference. We need
to find
out exactly what these are. Do you have a coy of
YOGA SUTRAS. There is to be found there a discourse
on the
forces and qualities of the mind. If you cannot get a
copy let
me know and I will send one to you. It is well worth
a study and
will help to answer your question."

Thank you for your thoughts, Dallas. It is funny you
should mention Patanjali's Yoga Sutras as I was
browsing the shelf at uni the other day and came
across this title. I did not read it at the time but I
will now, on your recommendation, seek it out and give
it a read. mic

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