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the Distance Between Us

Apr 23, 2002 10:31 PM
by Ademm Indraka

One sees one in a day of time All existence is bound by a single thread One will find understanding of life, death and all Realizing the indifference of all things moral and alike One will see through the shadow of humanity Take ones self away from the crowded entropy Realism , conceptualism and nominalism will find its way back coalesce Determining the aspect of self in self the one in all things must come together as one Divided one is not Dissenter bound by it own disbelief Is, is not the way to things like this The matter of presence from the earth and other Unbound by time or distance Compromised only in comprimision Surrounded by the fountain source Fueled by one imagery and other One knows what that is The marks of days past remembrance of nothing and everything No longer a mark Its water has been sublimated A tune of sweet smells soft to the touch and bright to the eye Symbolism of things of day and of night divided by its self A tear in the eye of stability No place has it in mind No mind has it in place Except by the marks of a society twice bitten Society has no place here and or there Societies place is here and or there One sees definitions defined in its self and only in its self Lastly redemption of the path walked next to the rose of being No good or bad All rises and falls here Always and forever *Paec*
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