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RE: karma and science

Apr 23, 2002 05:17 PM
by dalval14

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Re: Proving Karma acts -- scientifically.

Dear D. and M. and Friends:

And the remaining 10% could be traced to past lives if we have
that ability. Birth in the present family, race, civilization is
of course the Karma from past lives coming to fruition.

Sometimes we have accidents or strokes of fortune that come
unasked and unexpected in this life -- perhaps they are results
from past life decisions and acts. This remains indefinite until
we think over the basic tenets and doctrines that Theosophy
presents to answer these points.

But these are deductions -- they do not constitute the hard
physical proofs one might expect to see in a laboratory dealing
with physical materials that react exactly as expected under test

In parapsychology there are some proofs of a statistical nature
demonstrating that in some cases, and with some individuals,
there is a mental power which can influence physical materials.
These events have been catalogued, but the results are so vague
that they do not constitute a law which anyone can cause to occur
upon order.

We need a finer, or a higher order of perception to see these
laws in operation.

ISIS UNVEILED gives many historical and current instances. And
in the past 100 years a number of books have been issued giving
observations made on the powers of the Mind. But this does not
prove that an "accident" or "a stroke of fortune" are directly
the result under KARMA of some choice, thought, word, act feeling
made in the past. In other word our memories cannot help us to
trace the exact cause of present events that affect us seemingly
from "out of the blue."

For us, this is theoretical, and we say that if Nature is true,
honest, supportive and lawful in everything else, the reason we
cannot see this relationship is that for every act, word or
feeling that we generate, the impact on millions of sensitive
"life-atoms" is not yet easily discernable by our science which
uses finely tuned electrodes to detect the operation of
electrical impulses, but is not able to determine their moral or
ethical quality. The impact so made, may take a long time to
create an effect on us, as there are many other factors to take
into account. Nature is not impatient, and we are immortals -- so
the time factor may not be so important in every case.

Let me offer an analogy which might be generally applicable to

If we throw a stone into a pond with mud at the bottom we can see
that every drop of water in the pond is affected and reacts to
waves of pressure generated by the surface impact. If the pond
is shallow, even the bottom mud may be slightly affected

As the stone reaches the bottom it settles and we can see it
displaces some mud and a plume of sediment rises and diffuses
itself through the water. The heavier the stone the more mud is
raised and will take a longer time to settle again.

A further analogy, closer to home, occurs to me. If we are
pricked by a thorn, or cut ourselves slightly while shaving or
preparing food for cooking, the point of impact or penetration
screams with pain and issues peremptory demands for attention,
and may over-ride what the brain and mind are working on, until
the hurt is mitigated, and calmness restored. We see this event
in our own bodies as a result of some external impact. (We also
sometimes have internal aches and pains that suddenly arise for
causes we have no idea about.) This illustrates the arrival of
some kind of adverse Karma held over from the past. We may trace
it to careless action in a rose patch or in the kitchen as a
proximate cause, or it may come from some undermined base for
which we have no memory linking the two events.

But if we take it for granted that IN EVERY ASPECT AND EVENT
Nature is acting fairly and justly, then we cannot complain of
anything that might come to us. One thing is certain, there is
not an event that descends on us which we are not capable of
handling, if maintain a state of calmness and deliberation .For
if we react with emotion, then our balance is disturbed and we
may increase the discomfort. Thus if we do not control our
"lower" selves (chiefly our emotions) we may seriously add to the
difficulties that become ours.

This analogy goes to show how on the 4 lower planes of our
Personality, (our present "mask") 1. emotional, 2. the astral
and 3. the pranic (vitality) planes the choice or motive we use
causes an impact for good or evil, in the general plane of human
nature that we broadly call the "psychological."

Theosophy says that every choice we make is like the stone
impacting our surroundings, and the ripple of effects takes a
long while to settle. Our surroundings are of course the
innumerable "Monads" that form our vehicles and the corresponding
vehicles of other entities evolving as we do. The sensitivity of
Nature is illustrated in a short essay on KARMA which is to be
found printed at the end of LIGHT ON THE PATH .

Best wishes.



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From: R D
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Subject: Re: karma and science

Not that I know of.

However, if we look upon Karma, in one aspect, action and
reaction or
result, much of the problems that one finds oneself in, can be
traced to
decisions -- good and bad made oneself and the consequent
results. This is
the case in probably 90% of the situations one finds in.


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