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Re: Theos-World New on Alpheus

Apr 23, 2002 07:06 AM
by ramadoss

Thanks for the new material posted.

On the issue of clairvoyance of CWL, I would like to add:

1. Krishnamurti, when inquired of this issue, he did confirm that CWL was clairvoyant occassionally or something to that effect.
2. CWL' s *discovery* of Krishnamurti is by itself an amazing feat. How many cases are there where a *dull* young boy was identified by anyone as a person with a message which will affect many people.
3. On the issue of President N. Sri Ram's views on CWL's clairvoyance, I know first hand from somone who was close to him that he has seen bits and pieces of incidents which point to clairvoyance.

On another issue; With the current controversy swirling within the Catholic Church and the sex-related activities of the *priests*, it reminds me of the CWL controversy long time ago.

It looks like celibacy which is some systems suggest/require for spiritual growth, seems to have its serious downside when men/women try to adopt it when they are not mentally/psychologically ready for it.


At 12:42 AM 4/23/02 -0500, Govert Schuller wrote:
Carol Stream, April 23, 2002,

Dear friends and intrestees,

It is a pleasure again to announce another installment on Alpheus of some
high quality articles. This time the following articles were obtained: 1) A
defense of Leadbeater's clairvoyance, an issue which came up in the 60s when
a prominent Theosophist alleged that Leadbeater was self-deluded;

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