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RE: Is there progression in and around the Monad ?

Apr 22, 2002 02:43 PM
by dalval14

Monday, April 22, 2002

Dear T.

Re: "Organic Foods"

"Organic food" -- and < ? ? ? > -- Now we have this buzz
word around for the past 20 years.

Lets take a close look at this, and our modern technology, and
the economics of scarcity that fuel inflation, devaluation of
currencies, and values, and cause unnatural means to be used to
produce quantities of foods that supply the needs of an
increasingly urbanized and vulnerable society around the world.

In other words our global civilization is made a part of the
problem. We might even say that the trend or curve of
civilization as it cycles through time shows nowadays in the time
and era an unhealthy growth. The signs for a "bust" are
apparent. The time for the explosion is not yet clear.

One need only ask what would happen to millions of humans stuffed
into cities, with no knowledge of agriculture, husbandry, the
cycle of planting and raping if suddenly we had a collision with
a planetoid and all coastal areas would be wiped out by enormous
tsunamis, or if a world wide drought stopped providing enough
rain water for hydro-electricity, and irrigation. Do we see
symptoms of that in "global warming" and the retreat of the
glaciers and the rise in the average level of the seas and oceans
on our cost-lines? We have the ozone levels changing and the
danger of increase ultra-violet radiation. We have increasing
oil resource depletion, and so on. The signs are evident and
individuals may sense disaster, but the governments dare not set
too strong measures for economy and conservation into effect as
the political repercussions in democracies would cause shifts in
political power, and so things are allowed to continue on an
inertial plane which seem to portend ultimate confusion resulting
in some vast disasters.

Is this being a Cassandra, or being pessimistic? I think not,
but the considerations we all need to think of and do something
about are evident to the thinking individual who is acquainted
with science and economics. What's wrong with subsistence
faring? In one word Taxes -- which dispossess the marginal
farmer and then displace the family to factory areas and the
suburbs of cities already over crowded.

Was it grown with natural manures or with chemical mixes that
substitute (approximately) for the factors that are presumed to
promote growth? (What kind of growth? Size, Shape, Color,
Taste, Quantity ?) Admitted that man is placing commercial
values on quantity and not on quality, also it is interfering
with the natural development of improvements in plant life.
Also, and this is important, the manures, air, water, soil, etc.,
in which the "organic" foods are grown may be already tainted by
earlier chemical manures, gasses, water pollutants , etc...
There is really no place so isolated now that the smoke of
burning petroleum products, and chlorine or fluorides free in the
water, or decomposing plastics and metals which are returning to
their oxidized form are not a part of the equation. But also
consider that the intelligence implicit in digestion and
elimination in our bodies are called to action (and if not
overwhelmed) are able to sever and dispose of harmful pollutants.

1st apparently all kinds of growth is derived from the decay of
something that once was a living whole. The "spirit" that
animated IT has gone, and the form disintegrates.

Under the Law of Karma the life-atoms of the previous coherence
of FORM, disperse and are attracted according to their own
individual attributes and qualities to places and other forms
that can use them as basic building blocks for still other and
newer or larger forms.

Now I would like to ask a question -- and do some transposing of
names and ideas based on what the SECRET DOCTRINE and Theosophy
teach. Here goes:

1. If we take the basic concept of The SECRET DOCTRINE that
the whole Universe (and this means NATURE) is made up of
uncountable points of life --Monads, (S D I 289)

2. then we may see that what we call the planes of existence
or the "principles" of Man ( S D II 596 table) are built up of
various kinds of Monads ( or rather since the Monad is always
unaffected (S D I 174-5 FN) ) of rather intelligent accretions
or agglomerations that make the temporary forms of some one
central intelligence --

3. shall we hazard a guess, and say that one of the Monads,
now advanced in its power to assist evolution -- as a kind of
"elder brother" -- becomes a center around which other Monads of
lesser experience aggregate -- so as to provide it with a form on
some chosen plane of existence.

As I dimly see it ( The Animal Monad -- or rather a Monad in the
"animal stage of experience" -- would draw around it the
necessary structures ( Kama for instinct, prana for vitality,
astral electro-magnetic lattice work on which to hang the
physical molecules of a living body. Similarly, in MAN, we would
have a "Human" Monad, that had transcended the "Animal stage" of
experience, and is due under Karma to become independent, free
and self-conscious. This would constitute the Kama-Manasic
entity we call our "Personality," or the "mayavic mask" we now
wear in this incarnation.)

4. Could we then say: that Human MONAD is on its way to
becoming fully INDIVIDUALIZED and it needs to use these "forms"
for experience in the vast variety of conditions and situations
where its faculties of 1. mind, and, 2. of feeling (or
instinct), have a chance of becoming clearly separated and the
Mind becomes INDIVIDUALIZED. We can see how in the S D Vol. I
H P B writes that a mass of Mind beings, or Egos which had
already achieved INDIVIDUALITY sacrificed their "position" and
returned to assist those "Monads of lesser experience" which are
ourselves as we are today.

5. This might explain the rather mysterious teaching found
on p. 167 of Vol. 2 of the S D concerning the two Egos in Man.

I sometimes wonder if you might consider me mad --but then -- we
need company.

I have been wondering about this, especially when I think of what
Deep Sleep) pp 68 to 78 ( U L T Edn. of the book).

Well that's enough to chew on for a while

Best wishes


-----Original Message-----
From: T A H
Sent: Monday, April 22, 2002 5:54 AM

Dear Dallas:

Thanks for your very early morning note. Yes, 4 55 am is bright
and early
for starting on the computer. Having found myself often times
getting up about 3 00 am and just "checking" the e mail that has
come in over the past few hours will keep me up for a
while and long enough for me to reach the appointed hour of 6 00
am when it
become coffee time. This week it is a wild jungle blend and
suppose to be
"all organic". So we shall see if it turns me into a jungle

Now you have my interest up about Atlantic once again you said:

"Did you ever read Donnelley's ATLANTIS ?"

Dallas do you have a source on this particular book?

DTB I believe it was recently reprinted possibly in paper

I have read a number of Ruth Montgomery's books on Atlantic and
Lemuria in
years past and found them very interesting.

DTB Read them. Possibly Rider-Haggard in SHE, and AESHA, and
KING SOLOMON'S MINES does a better and more true to life piece of
fiction -- also includes reincarnation

Well, the hour draws near that I need to pay attention to the
needs of the
day some one is coming by at 9 30 to pick me up for a trip into

More later, T.

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