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RE: Theos-World re: Leon's "'Baloney'", etc . . .

Apr 21, 2002 04:17 AM
by dalval14

Sunday, April 21, 2002
Dear Leon:

At least I enjoy it and respect what you contribute. There are
few who are scientifically trained and also know and value

If we write, it ought to be generally, so that all can read and
discuss, and criticise, or, learn if they want to.

That's my criterion and why I cross-post to a number of lists --
I cannot write separate posts for all.

Best wishes


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Sent: Sunday, April 21, 2002 1:13 AM
Subject: Re: Theos-World re: Leon's "'Baloney'", etc . . .

The Jerry I was referring to (that's how he signed his letters)
resigned from
this list some weeks ago after Bridgitte was bounced. I have no
idea whether
or not he is the "Gerald" on Theos-1 -- since I have never been
subscribed to
that list.

All I'm interested in is teaching what I've discovered (not
speculated) about
the scientific correlation's of modern science and theosophical
-- in order to explain the connection between consciousness and
matter, mind
and brain, higher and lower self, etc., in terms everyone can
So as to verify the validity of theosophical metaphysics
reincarnation and karma) -- and give ordinary people a valid
reason for
assuming responsibility along with a justification to practice

I'm beginning to wonder if spilling such erudite stuff to these
lists is
worth the effort, considering the lack of interest in exploring
the real
science behind the theosophical truths and spread broadcasting it
to the
world at large -- whose only gurus they'll follow these days are
scientists and creative technologists who give them their
electronic toys and
gadgets, and the money brokers who help them pay for it.

(at least for the time being)


In a message dated 04/19/02 7:28:57 AM, writes:

>Apr 18, on Universal Seekers and theos-talk, Leon wrote, in
part: <<So,
>to Paul's and Jerry's complaint's that Adelasie and I, among
>"fundamentalist" theosophists who base all our conclusions on
>"fundamental principles" (against which there can be no valid
>metaphysical or scientific arguments) have drummed them off the
lists --
>all I can say is, "Baloney." LHM>>>
>As far as I know, Leon (and of course I could be wrong), Jerry
>subscribed to this list. I think he's on Theos-1. But then
I'm going
>on the assumption (among other things) that the "Jerry" you're
>referring to, in that post, and the "Gerald" on Theos-1 are the
>PS Are you on Theos-1, Leon, or were you, or did you get kicked
off it
>or something?

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