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"WORD PUZZLES" ("SEMANTICS") (Part 20 of 29)

Apr 19, 2002 10:20 PM
by Compiler

The 5 articles from THEOSOPHY magazine that are listed below are the
latest ones to have been scanned, proofread, and added to my web site. They weren't in my last posting to this forum
concerning new material (4 days ago). The title of the article used in
the above subject heading is the most recent one that was finished.

I'm working on this series of articles. It's found listed in the lower
portion of the "Additional" articles Index page: in the "Various Series
& Groupings of Articles" section. So far these articles are finished:

* WORD PUZZLES (29-part series):
[Note: The first 15 parts were in the last four postings about this
* Part 16 (Iconoclasm)
* Part 17 (Intellect)
* Part 18 (Fallible & Infallible)
* Part 19 (Logic)
* Part 20 (Semantics)
(This is the Index page that the entire series is in):

[Technical note: If the above long link is broken, the link to the
"Additional" articles index page is found below.]

On another note, in case you might be interested, you will find the link
to my "Public & Private Enterprise" web site at the bottom of this page.

John DeSantis

You may find a great deal of the Truth that you are searching for here:

Wisdom World web site (Main Page):

This is the Index page of the "Introductory", "Setting the Stage" book,
which was especially compiled for newcomers to Theosophy:

The page where "Additional" articles are slowly being added:

This next link is to the most updated version of my economic-project
proposal to humanity, a practical project to help our suffering humanity
that I also consider to be Theosophical. In it you will find a new and
unique, but mostly unknown, economic system model that might be able to
put an end to involuntary poverty on earth. How? It presents a way to
fully finance everything of importance that is needed in every nation.
Because of this it's well worth pointing to. Please note that, for
strategic reasons, of wanting it to have the best chance of being
accepted by all peoples worldwide, no matter what their religious,
philosophical, and scientific beliefs are, I've put it on a completely
different web site; it contains no mention of, or link to, the Theosophy
and the Theosophical Movement that is presented on my
web site:


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