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Insight 1.4

Apr 17, 2002 09:13 PM
by Ademm Indra Ka

Lone factors bring about Change is a desired effect as it brings in much abstraction to the In between conditions can be very disturbing One opens doors when venturing through Sounds of life underline the very meaning of all existence Some may think too much to circumnavigate The world can not stay flat As some perceptions perceive To no account is there a better purpose or condition All matter brings about limitations to A confused reaction that redeems the understanding of inferiority to The universe that is forever in motion produces a loop of perfection and takes directive wen implemented with the impartial Realize when the time comes that all things come into place in time Even if it has nothing to do with the commodity Some of these reasons will be left untold for now to ensure safe passage So that the choices will be made Control is a bi level of complexities and Direction comes with pressure and Experience the formation of fields not just by chance or impulses as told a thousand times over .... Position and fate will determine a great part in the life of experience The lengths we will go to accomplish something Sometimes the long ways provides a deeper understanding of situations and sometimes all is forgotten in the battle of elision Those individual pieces hold a great deal of meaning How does one react to the boundless gaps of revision One trusts holding confusion to relies what was forgotten and seems not only to come at the point of obscurity It means to know any thing is to know nothing It is Turn the mind into a battlefield of dreams Lose the sacred breath to bear the screams of the lonely child that calls the name that is herd and not forgotten One travels along a road of suppression The cell of desperation cost us the name that We have forgotten all things for what notion What standing tree has a reason Inside we will find forgiveness Outside we will find Rebellion finds the sickness One stands alone Coming apart at the seams Lost in dreams and the world nows that which makes us cry Privet sessions of these big blue eyes So scream again No one cares The world is renown the world will repair So may be it does not mean a thing Wait Do i no that i am lost in a dream It all piles up on us All the trials of existence and enemies with such persistence Contagious predisposition with acts of kindness Do not mind me i am but a child purging through the mountain of fire Burned not broken One is still intact to one day rise again into the abyss Deep into the summit of existence Contagious thoughts that do confide in all of the mortal coil The mass moves in ways not unlike the sea It fulfills the notion that one is connected and moves in ways not always known Reach the summit of indifference/existence It is not a boundary It is a necessity Living and breathing in worlds so very far away and so close If that is the case The reason may always be unclear as the rights of position A condition of mine and own Discrepancies are just *Paec*
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