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Re: Theos-World Reg. Blavatsky 3

Apr 17, 2002 05:50 PM
by folknn wrote:

>By this means many readers of Isis, and subsequently those 
>of her Secret Doctrine and Theosophical 
>Glossary, have been misled into thinking Madame Blavatsky an enormous 
>reader, possessed of vast erudition; 
>while the fact is her reading was very limited, and her ignorance was 
>profound in all branches of knowledge. 

Interesting, you state that her reading was limited yet you yourself mention a list of books that probably surpases your own. I'd like to understand where and why have you asumed that she was an ignorant woman in "all branches of knowledge"? Now, isn't this your own oppinion? As far as I'm concerned at least she understood alot more than you do. And that is my personal opinion.

>In ii., 8, she 
>claimed that she had read a work by Bellarmin, whereas all that she 
>says about him, and all that she quotes from 
>him, are copied from Demonologia, pp. 294, 295. In ii., 71, she 
>stated that she had a treatise by De Nogen, but all 
>that she knows about him or his treatise was taken from Demonologia, 
>p. 431. In ii., 74, 75, the reader is led to 
>believe that certain quotations from The Golden Legend were copied by 
>her from the original; the truth being that 
>they were taken from Demonologia, 420-427.

"all that she knows"?... this agian is your personal oppinion. Did you by any chance interview Mdm. Blavatsky to know what she really knew, or all that she knew?

>From what I am reading of your accusations of plagiarism, it seems to me more like a Bibliography.

I need more reasons to belive what you are saying. Sory.

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