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Re: Theos-World Reg. Blavatsky 1

Apr 17, 2002 05:37 PM
by folknn

Ever heard of Poetry?... I don't think any of these words were ment to be taken literaly. If it did, wouldn't it be a contradiction of philosophy? Theosophy teaches how the practice and use of magick is not condoned. I have no idea were you got this information, but it seems like bull**it.
------------------------- wrote:
>Reg. Blavatsky 1

I found these articles on a web site, can someone give me more
details about these specific events events pls. ?

In Colonel H. S. Olcott's address in Simla, India, not long since,
upon Spiritualism and Theosophy, he tells us why
he ceased in 1874 to call himself a Spiritualist and took the name of
Theosophist.  It was because, he says, he had
seen Mad. Blavatsky produce at will and in full daylight the most
wonderful facts of mediumship.  Here follows a
list of the wonderful things thus witnessed by him: "I have seen
showers of roses made to fall in a room; letters
from people in far countries to drop from space into my lap; heard
sweet music coming from afar upon the air, grow
louder and louder until it was in the room, and then die away again
out in the still atmosphere until it was no more.
I have seen writing made to appear upon paper and slates laid upon
the floor, drawings upon the ceilings beyond
any one's reach, pictures upon paper without the employment of pencil
or color; articles duplicated before my very
eyes; a living person instantly disappear before my sight; jet black
hair cut from a fair haired person's head; had
absent friends and distant scenes shown me in a crystal; and in
America, more than a hundred times, upon opening
letters upon various subjects coming to me by the common post from my
correspondents in all parts of the world,
have found inside, written in their own familiar hand, messages to me
from men in India who possess the
theosophical knowledge of natural law.  Nay, upon one occasion I even
saw summoned before me as perfectly
`materialized' a figure as any that ever stalked out of William
Eddy's cabinet of marvels."

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