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Apr 11, 2002 08:03 PM
by Ademm Indra Ka

Long ago far ahead A believable entourage With wings that can fly 
Daylight contraceptive Givith the time is the right The water always 
makes me feel better a sick boy replies little did he know that the 
waters contamination is what makes him sick Macrobiotic molecules 
hidden deep within the well One must learn the divide to congregate 
the lesson A man shoot off his spindle Wordless gift fill the air 
Breaded exceptions to a rule that is less broken Test the waters of 
fate Its hard to tell who is on your side I am Just know that hand 
less bitten to the fool of gold And twice bitten to the ones that 
stole Take a hard long look at the man that sits across to see those 
that have came before After one stairs into the quarry of ones mind 
One turns into a blank Stair ways to the theater of pramati One draws 
water from the well and drinks the ladle filled with the oceans spell 
Less drawn lives give way Build the way a Fair and profound 
controversy in its day Glyphs give intuition in to the ones that 
found life so far away in side some dream they liked to call reality 
In some hole they liked to call paradise In some space they like to 
say was unknown by man Filled with the flowers of eurydice "Etz" Im 
glad we were able to make this trip Leave creation in its wake follow 
the wave of mandara deep into the void (the well) and slip the rose 
under ones eye and sip from the waters Follow ones intuition form the 
bird of mandragora and Take your throne in Ones mansion. so be it
;,.'::.":;,.,'.,:;',,::..':.;,,";"',,:;,,.:.:":::,.,,;"'.:. ;,

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