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Master K.H. on the writing of the Mahatma Letters

Apr 11, 2002 11:57 AM
by Daniel Caldwell

Master K.H. on the writing of the Mahatma Letters:

"Another of our customs, when corresponding with the
outside world, is to entrust a chela with the task of
delivering the letter or any other message; and if not
absolutely necessary -- to never give it a thought.
Very often our very letters -- unless something very
important and secret -- are written in our
handwritings by our chelas. Thus, last year, some of
my letters to you were precipitated, and when sweet
and easy precipitation was stopped -- well I had but
to compose my mind, assume an easy position, and --
think, and my faithful 'Disinherited' had but to copy
my thoughts, making only occasionally a blunder."

Daniel H. Caldwell

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